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Apr 5, 2020
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So I will be getting into crossbow hunting soon and have a couple questions..
1. What’s minimum weight of arrow with broad head to kill big game?
2.when hunting for non resident big game in other states do I have to pay for tag before the draw or only if I do get drawn for that unit or state?
3. What’s the deal with these “preferences points” in Utah,Montana,Wyoming etc how many can I buy at a time or shud I buy a year?
4.if I don’t have the time to come out and scout the area is it better to get a guided hunt on the best units or just try to do my best with bugle calling and moving around?
5. What’s the better choices for elk hunting limited tags or general tag?
6. Are hunting License and elk different? What’s the difference?
For my crossbow I’m thinking of getting the ten point nitro 505 or ravin r500 sniper package.. scope idk which one to get the zoom in the oracle x or the garmin xi with ten point.. thanks for u help!!
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Dec 25, 2012
frazierpark ca usa
gordon grant
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You know that hunting with a crossbow in most states is not archery hunting but its the same as hunting with a rifle which means you can only hunt with a crossbow during rifle season ! Unless you are disabled and get a note from your Doctor as such then take that note to fish and game and apply for a disabled archery crossbow permit then you can use a crossbow during archery season
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