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May 6, 2004
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here is the reccomendation of the task force. Anything sound familiar??

Final Recommendations oF the inteRagency ocean Policy task FoRce
Implementation Strategy
The Task Force recommends an implementation strategy that identifies nine priority objectives (i.e., categories for action) that our Nation should pursue. These priority objectives provide a bridge between policy and specific actions, but do not prescribe in detail how individual entities will undertake their responsibilities, leaving those details to be determined through the development of strategic action plans. The Task Force recommends the following nine priority objectives:
national Priority objectives
1. ecosystem-based management: Adopt ecosystem-based management as a foundational principle for the comprehensive management of the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes.
2. coastal and marine spatial Planning: Implement comprehensive, integrated, ecosystem- based coastal and marine spatial planning and management in the United States.
3. inform decisions and improve understanding: Increase knowledge to continually inform and improve management and policy decisions and the capacity to respond to change and challenges. Better educate the public through formal and informal programs about the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes.
4. coordinate and support: Better coordinate and support Federal, State, tribal, local, and regional management of the ocean, our coasts, and the Great Lakes. Improve coordination and integration across the Federal Government, and as appropriate, engage with the international community.
5. resiliency and adaptation to climate change and ocean acidification: Strengthen resiliency of coastal communities and marine and Great Lakes environments and their abilities to adapt to climate change impacts and ocean acidification.
6. regional ecosystem Protection and restoration: Establish and implement an integrated ecosystem protection and restoration strategy that is science-based and aligns conservation and restoration goals at the Federal, State, tribal, local, and regional levels.
7. water Quality and sustainable Practices on land: Enhance water quality in the ocean, along our coasts, and in the Great Lakes by promoting and implementing sustainable practices on land.
8. changing conditions in the arctic: Address environmental stewardship needs in the Arctic Ocean and adjacent coastal areas in the face of climate-induced and other environmental changes.
9. ocean, coastal, and Great lakes observations, mapping, and infrastructure: Strengthen and integrate Federal and non-Federal ocean observing systems, sensors, data collection platforms, data management, and mapping capabilities into a national system, and integrate that system into international observation efforts.
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May 31, 2003
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Algae, inflated tires and tax dollar built cars confirmed my fears. The kings needs to be de throned!!
But that will get him 91 Jobs created! Holy moly.......

If you were to learn about the above three items for yourself instead of relying on FOX news to indoctrinate you and treat you like a baaaa-ing sheep, you would discover that Sean Hannity is not really a football hero throwing touchdown after touchdown with his cute little nerf football.
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May 21, 2004
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And this is why we have the no politics rule on BD.
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