New ideas to help the WTC


Jun 21, 2019
I made a post talking about changes that can be made on the WTC thread about payouts. Thought a new thread discussing ideas on how to help the WTC evolve and improve their impact on the community.

My idea is to reduce the amount of canned albacore donated and move to cash donations.
Please keep this discussion on point positive changes for the WTC, pointing fingers and talking sh!t is fun but doesn't help anyone.

Here is my post from the other WTC thread:

Hey guys, I've watched this thread for a couple of days, so sad that a positive event has to suffer because of miscominacation. I feel bad for all parties involved and hope the situation is resolved quickly and to everyone's satisfaction. Thank you to all the WTC volunteers, participants and supporters. Helping people isn't easy and without much gratitude.

I thought I've had a few times is about all the meals the food bank could provide with the the $13K it costs just to process the donated albacore from 2019. This is a great opportunity for a teaching lesson. Rather than spending so much time, effort and resources to process the fish for donation the WTC should consider donating cash rather than canned albacore.

I get the idea thats the WTC is a fishing tournament that wants to benefit our veterans and food banks with fishing and fish. But in feeding the hungry cash is king. The organizations involved in supporting starving Americans can do much more with donations over donated food.

Going forward this is a perfect time for a pivot based on the drama discussed here. I would love to see the WTC to evolve its donation process to serve a greater impact by donating cash over fish. I don't feel they shouldn't donate any fish, just reduce the amount to a low enough number of pounds where it can be quickly and efficiently processes while the bulk of the donation would be in cash.

I did a quick google search on how many meals food banks can buy with $1. The information is impressive, I'll include a few quotes below to support my thoughts. I'm going to start a new thread with this information in the hope we can have a positive discussion and give the WTC suggestions on how to improve their donation process going forward.

Washington's Food bank Website has a calculator that figures the return on donations; "Your gift of $13300 provides 59641 meals."

"Feeding America notes that they can stretch each donated dollar to cover 10 meals. Food banks get donations and discounts from food producers, and they can buy food in bulk from wholesale suppliers. Some organizations can use government subsidies to make their money go even further."

"Because of these successful partnerships, every dollar you donate to Feeding America helps secure and distribute at least 12 pounds of food — the equivalent of 10 meals — through our nationwide network of food banks."

"$1 dollar donated is equal to5 worth of food"

"If you buy a can of tuna fish and donate it to a food bank, it will cost you a dollar and some change." However, a $1 donation to Feeding America provides "about 20 pounds of food and grocery products to someone at risk of hunger."

Other food banks rate their return on your dollar at anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds of food. They do it by buying in bulk, using volunteer labor and working with food brokers who notify them of deep discounts.

"In 2008 the OTC gave a check to the Oregon Food Bank in the amount of $46,000. The OTC’s donation helped the food bank purchase five pounds of food for every dollar donated, equivalent to a contribution weight of over 230,000 pounds of food."
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