New Hustler Seabass


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Jan 7, 2015
Got back Saturday Night from a Two-Day June 25-27 on the New Hustler.

Great Trip.

We fished Rosa in the the morning of the first day at the usual Seabass spots to no avail. Went over to San Miguel and had great limit fishing for redsand then made a few drifts for halibut, and got 3 including a 26 pounder. So the captain (Chris) says lets run back to Santa Cruz and get set up to get squid. He also said that he heard there might be Seabass there as well. So we arrive have a great dinner and at 10:00 pm a rod goes off, and we welcome aboard a 30lb. White Seabass. From then on till daylight we pretty much had fish going. But these were all "Tankers" I mean all of them. There were none under 25# with the biggest topping out at around 40#. Only when a big sea lion cruised by did things shut off. Fish were a little touchy, but we managed 42 Seabass for 14 anglers. Last fish was a 40lb Halibut.

The boat was in great shape and Chris made sure we abided by the new guidelines, from the time we got on board till the time we came home. Thanks to Hooks and Chris and the crew for another fantastic trip.

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