New filet boards


May 10, 2009
capo beach
cory cammack
25 whaler frontier
Hi guys
I am now making tons of starboard stuff from tackle centers to cup holders
We have a few filet boards left we had at the Fred hall Long Beach that we want to put up for sale
The one shown is designed for a Parker it goes from tank to gunnel and the legs can be trimmed
To fit you exact height
We also have one without legs ready for a custom application
They are 67” long 16.5” wide
And fit under most gunnels as pictured
They have two different size knife slots as well as a hole for a Dimond bar
Let me know if you are interested we also can make complete custom ones

$350 per board


E1AFA37A-8A9E-4781-8FCA-B3F2C3FA545D.jpeg BCF26805-DB45-44D3-AAA4-4A38F8D488E0.jpeg 74239E2C-6DBE-41B8-9232-16C39165CBD0.jpeg
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