New boat owner need help and fishing buddies


Sep 8, 2006
san clemente
"I'm in the market, as it were" - Jack Sparrow
I just bought a 1982 sea fury, good little boat, needs a little love to make it great. Don’t ask what I paid, too much. Looking for someone with experience with these boats to help me dial it in. I live in San Clemente but will be keeping the boat in bellflower at my parents house (free storage). I’ll be launching out of Dana point harbor as I know the area well. Anyone willing to put some time on it with me is welcome to go fishing with me as far as conditions allow for it. PM me if you can help. Goal is a family friendly boat for my wife and 2 kids but catching fish is priority #1. Will have a $300-$400/mo budget for repairs and ad ons. I will be taking the boat out once a month with the family and once a month for strictly fishing.
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Mar 9, 2012
Too far from water
Great boats! What length, and engine on it?

FWIW, every boat costs too much. Even if you got it for free, it’s gonna cost you one way or the other. 😂

Not knowing what you have already, and assuming it’s bare bones. I would make sure you’re up to par with all the safety stuff required, and as much as you can fit. There’s plenty of topics on this, so I’ll leave that part alone.

1st, a good vhf radio and an even better antenna. Without contact, you could be in deep shizz if things go south.

2nd. A GPS plotter. Many of today’s fish finders have this built in, so match it with a good transducer and your doing good. Your boat should have a compass on it, but if it doesn’t, get one. If your electronics crap out, that’s your guide when you have no land marks. If you do have one, pay attention to it even if gps is working.

3rd. Radar! Although it’s not a necessity, it sure is nice to have when the fog happens upon you, or you cruise out in the dark. It doesn’t pick up everything, so ALWAYS keep a lookout. I keep a strong spotlight with me for this reason. Things can be hard to see in the dark. Headlights are not legal on a boat, a friend of mine got a talking to from the coast guard for that.

4th. Bait tank!! Unless you’re strictly a jig and lure guy, a bait tank is a must. There’s plenty of different setups, but I do recommend at least 30 gallons, if it fits (shouldn’t be a problem on a sea fury). That’ll hold a scoop.

Those are my suggestions, and I’m sure I’m missing a few. Thankfully there’s plenty of people here to help with suggestions and spend your money.

PS: red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.
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May 13, 2004
Long Beach and points due west
Bob Ballew
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Davies gets full up in summertime...good backup plan is Sunset Marina launch ramp off Bolsa Chica/Edinger in Huntington Beach...good ramps with dock to tie up to, public toilets for the ladies and kids (with wall plug if you need to charge a dead battery), rinse area with coin op machine (carry lots of quarters and your own hose) and a straight 23 mile run toward Avalon....aaah, do parental obligations ever end?....:)

Highly recommend: a tow membership with BoatUS..I have the Gold unlimited and trailer towing package...good protection for your family and your wallet..
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