Need some insight on booking 1st LR trip

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range fishing Reports' started by jrs501, Nov 22, 2015.

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    Maximus 3.5 day..nov-February. Look it up...
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    So you have heard a lot of the options....what it really comes down to is how much $ do you want to spend, how much time do you want to spend at sea......and when does your schedule best fit this plan?

    I make a spreadsheet almost every year and put these and other variables on it so I can better see what I'm looking at. These are my columns.

    Price - what's my budget?
    Cost of trip per day - what's the relative cost of this trip per others?
    Number of passengers - less the better but effects price
    Size of boat - basically 2 classes: large and larger - effects number of passenger....larger boat same number of people = good
    Trip is sponsored - do you get goodies
    Trip is sponsored / Chartered - not open party so you need to check in with Charter Master. See if you are a good fit? A newbie on a charter is generally getting last dibs on staterooms and boarding....but you got to start some where and good charters are the best places to learn!
    Time of year - spring, summer, fall, winter
    Boat - what's your opinion of the boat after calling them, talking with bd'ers or what ever other technique you use to vet a business.

    Emphasis ends up being on how much you can afford, at what time you can go, what time your bro 's can go....doesn't alway apply, what do you want to catch? Big fish, variety, doesn't matter?

    Good luck! PM me if you want my opinion.
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    One other thing you should consider is which boats charge extra before you get on. Permits or FSC. That can add up to hundreds of dollars more on top of the price.
    Shogun, Royal Polaris and others charge you for permits and if there is one FSC

    Excel, intrepid (best riding boat) no extra charges there might be others but some one else might know them I don't.
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    You have received a lot of information and some of it might be conflicting. Now you must bite the bullet and make a decision. Everyone has their favorite trip or boat.

    First, I feel each boat has it’s own personality. Both the structure, the way it rides and fishes. Then the Captain and crew and how they work together with the passengers, etc. The food on all boats is very good some are even going a bit overboard. So don’t worry about that. If you need a special diet, let them know in advance and they will do there best to accommodate.

    I like Dave’s idea of a spreadsheet. I should do that, but then someone else will tell me it cost too much money and not let me go. I try to go on at least two trips a year if not more.

    Things to factor in (some are very obvious): The boat cost, the tip to the crew (15% or more), jackpot, permits, soda, beer and wine, the extra tackle you buy, gambling losses if you play card, parking, if you park a car. Then there’s your airfare, baggage charges or shipping charges (if you ship your tackle), taxi and motel, meals. I know some people will not try to fly out the afternoon of arrival (the day you dock) and spend an additional night. Then there is fish processing (that can add up real fast) and the price will depend on how much you catch and decide to take or ship home. Think about this as you fish. A cow, 200 pound, @ 0.75 a pound. I have a friend who had a fantastic trip and had 5 over 200 once, then he added up his processing after I suggested it. He gave a lot of fish away at the dock. There are charities that will take your fish.

    I was looking at the schedules and a lot of the trips are listed as full. Don’t let that stop you if you find one you like. Call and see how long the wait list is. General policy is that those on the previous trip has first rights, many times people have to change plans for whatever reason.

    Your equipment, remember you have to ship this or put it on the plane with those baggage handlers. I like what Mike Morris has created and seen positive review on this thread. It’s an option.

    Your Accurate Boss 270 is a good reel. It’s been a long time since I have used 25-pound line. Especially since we have larger bait, Sardines. In fact I rarely use 30-pound line any more. If the bait is small and the fish spooky, then I’d consider it. I have even put 25 lb fluro on 40 pound line. The Calstar 700 M can handle 40 pound without a problem. Your Penn 12 LT should work fine. You can borrow a rod from the boat. They generally have extras. The Baja special will work good as well has your Avet HX. So I do feel your reels are fine for the trip and just borrow some rods. Make sure they have been serviced. You can have line put on in San Diego or on the boat.

    You mentioned an SKB tackle box. This is heavy to ship but a great box (I have one). It might be lighter to take the trays out and put them in a tackle bag. You can position it for easy access. Since you will be near the back of the list, you most likely won’t get a prime spot for your box.

    As far as hook go, you can always over due it. All the boats have extra hooks to sell at market price. Same with sinkers, jigs, etc. Unless you have something really special you can’t live without, consider leaving it at home. Others on the boat will always have too much and share. At least I do. You had mentioned the Red Rooster in October. If that’s the Seaguar trip, the Hightower’s give away, hook, fluorocarbon and usually a jig, plus have a nice raffle. I’ve fished that trip many times, good group. I just wish they would go back to a 10-day trip. There are tackle shops close to the dock with all the toys you could desire, just bring your credit card.

    Nicole’s note was great. Seasick medications are a must if you are prone to being seasick. Don’t forget your passport. Wine… if you are a drinker. It’s nice to share. I’ve been on many a trip where we had more booze than fish. Sunscreen is another must bring.

    Nicole asks an interesting question about stateroom. Nicole you have been on the two newest boats in the fleet, the Intrepid and Independence. I have not been on the intrepid, but the Indy has some of the largest staterooms I have seen. Remember most of the boats were build in the 80’s and 90’s and the stateroom size was not really a consideration, just comfortable. The biggest one I’ve seen has been on a private yacht, the owners with a queen bed. The qualifier had a private room up front but I don’t know how big it was.

    So this is my two bits, Jeff. If you have questions, ask. If you are on the Red Rooster Seaguar trip, I most likely will be there. Don’t over think this, just make up your mind and go for it.

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    Thanks for all the great advice everyone, received a ton a great information that I now need to process haha. There seems to be a ton of great possibilities and it seems its hard to go wrong either way. I guess I just need to make a decision on what exactly I want and pull the trigger soon! I'll keep you guys posted and I'm sure I'll have a million other questions, but again, thanks for everyone's help! I look forward to experiencing the long range addiction!

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    The most important thing for you not to forget. No spread sheets needed.

    Bring the ingredients for a Rum Swizzle.

    Have fun and do a long one you wont regret it.
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