need help to paired my Phenix psw-700h and axis 820h


Baja Boy..
Oct 16, 2008
Calexico, Ca / BAJA,Mexico
dos por favor
Finally I got some better rods for my reels, I just bought this beautiful rods for fishing north Sea of Cortez (San Felipe and Gonzaga bay area).

as some of you might know, normal fisheries here are big Sierras 8-12# (spanish macks), pesky angry Triggerfish (4-6#), Cabrillas (leopard grouper 8-15# ), yellowtail (10-20#), sometimes white seabass (10-25#), and many other smaller fish and with luck some big golf grouper.

just got me a pair of phenix rods to cover light line for inshore fishing and casting spoons and big hardbait lures and heavy line for yoyo/irons, I just need help to know which of my reels is more suited for those rods

my rods and current reels to pair are:
Phenix psw-700h ---> Calcutta 400TE with power handle / lexa 300 / Trini16 gold
Phenix Axis 820H ---> Baja Special, Fathom 40LD2, 113h with tib kit or newell 540 5.5

currently Im using a 8" XH musky rod for calcutta 400TE, Trevala XXH for trini16 and Sabre boat rod for FHT40LD2/Baja Special