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Nov 5, 2010
Los Angeles, CA USA
Hey... I'm in the San Fernando Valley and trailer my boat down to Dana Point, Oceanside, and Shelter Island if needed to get on the fish. All of my friends are working/tired/broke/etc... and I am finding myself cancelling offshore trips every week.

So, I'm hoping to find a couple of people (will make 4 total) for a paddy hoping trip on Wednesday 7/20 - probably out of oceanside or Shelter Island... if all goes well I'll add you to my list. I like to get out midweek - usually Wed, Thur, or Fri.

I've got a 28' World Cat center console - we will be 100% dry and boat does NOT pound. All new electronics, 50 gallon offshore bait tank and a tuna spotting tower as well. Twin engines - fast and very reliable. No bathroom on board.

I'm pretty easy going... I guess a few rules (stole this from someone else's post) and heads up info:

1. I prefer no politics or religious talk. I have no problems with either, any which way, but sometimes it just gets weird.

2. All expenses shared... including the truck fuel for trailering. Offshore trips range from $500-800 all in.

3. You can meet me at the dock or at my boat. EIther way, Be on time. I leave the SF Valley at 1 or 2 AM if we are trailering down to Shelter Island.... 2-3AM if the port is closer. If we meet at the dock, it's usually around 4.30 AM.

4, I love fishing, but I also freedive/spearfish. That said, we will always fish first... if that's working, we'll keep fishing. If not, I'll jump in and shoot a couple before they sink out.

5. I do have some very heavy trolling outfits on the boat, other than that, bring your own gear.

6. If we are paddy hoping, and you are sitting, watching your phone, not looking out, sleeping, etc., it's all good, but you won't be invited back. We all work together to put fish on the boat.

7. Timing: I usually call it a day around 2.00. If we happen to be on a boil or a dream paddy, we can stay longer...

8. Sorry, no cigarette smoking please. Vape is fine...

PM me if you are interested in paddy hopping on Wednesday 7/20 out of Oceanside or possibly Shelter Island (depending on reports). If we go out of shelter island, you will need your MX fishing license and a passport.

Stay safe...
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Aug 3, 2017
San Diego
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Parker 2310
Nice, I hope you find some folks. "will not pound". I wanna get one, just so few on west coast.

Also I like your no phone or sleeping during paddy hunting. I get so frustrated with that too... there's only so much the captain can do...
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Jul 24, 2009
San Diego
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Right???!?! I tell everyone... "One paddy can make or break our entire day, so I've got the front covered, you take the left, and he'll take the right." Always irks me when 15 minutes later they're sitting on a beanbag barely looking over the rail. C'mon now....
Finding THE paddy (or foamer)is one of the most exciting parts of paddy hopping. I can go anytime, won't flake or be late. Rod and reel or spear, thanks for the invite. Ben 760 815 3795
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May 8, 2006
So cal
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I’m down too. Santa Clarita. I can meet you at your house and keep you awake on the drive.
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