Saltwater Neah bay 9/27

Aug 8, 2017
Everett, Wa
Boat Name
Wake and Bait
Decided to do a bottom fish trip with 3 person crew. The third bailed last minute and it was just two of us. Forecast looked flat Monday and Tuesday until 2 pm. Arrived at neah bay Sunday and it was surprisingly warm and sunny with no fog. A531C794-D8EE-4A50-83E8-718C7CB4F061.jpegFished Monday. Great ocean conditions, some fog but mostly sunny. Went deep right away to our normal honey hole about 12 miles west. Found large fish right away. One ling was close to 50 pounds. Most of our lings were 30 pounds or over. Landed halibuts around 40 pounds. Second day we fished closer in due to the fog. The wind picked up quickly from the south with 25 mph gusts in the afternoon right when we hit our limits of fish. Found a lot of decent grade rock fish. The halibut was a little slow, but we found them with putting time in. A few workers at the marina said our ling cod was the largest they seen this year. 210399BC-78E0-4F40-806A-8488E3611983.jpegThe marina was a lot more accommodating and quiet then what we had before in prior years. They just broke ground building something near the launch.


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