Navigation from Cabo to San Diego CA.

Jul 29, 2018
Paseo de la marina
Jose Cesena
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Hi everyone! Previously I made a report where we would be leaving from Cabo to San Diego CA. A boat was delivered for a new owner from San Diego. We take care of taking the boat and keeping it safe. It was a great experience and information that we will provide to new travelers. We have telephone information, where to stop to refuel, etc.

We leave on October 1st at 10 am. We were caught from Cabo to Todos Santos. We caught 42 Dorados, 6 on board and the rest released. We got dinner for a three and a half day sailing trip (we love fresh fish).


Next stop was in Magbay, we refueled the dock in Magbay is deep inside, take precautions with the depths but nothing complicated that cannot be achieved. Outside of Magbay we were fishing in the banks The "Tetis" and the "23 ".
In the bank the Tetis we catch only Wahoo.

The minimum depth was 160 feet, it is a large school with a lot of fish. We did not try to fish bottom because we did not have much time to fish, but a panga was fishing bottom and was catching snapper, grouper and snowy grouper. (The mark on the fish finder was incredible).

Further north we went to the bank on the "23". We were bitten by Wahoo, Tuna, Dorado and Marlin.



Next stop Bahia Tortuga. Here in Bahia Tortuga is a small town where you can buy drinks, lunch and fuel up.
The person in charge of giving you fuel is called Enrique, his phone number is 615 159 7620

The cost of fuel per liter is $ 34 Mexican pesos. In dollars per liter it would be $ 1.7 USD per liter approximately depending on the type of change.

In Isla Cedros we did not have the opportunity to fish since the winds outside the island are too strong and it was late to go in search of fish. We had the opportunity to meet partners and talk with them. His report was that there was a lot of tuna and dorado.

CABO 48FT RANCHERO Delivered to its new owner in Long Beach CA.

Amigos, Any doubt or question you have, do not hesitate to send us a message, if we can help you we will gladly do so.
If you need a crew to send a boat to the north of Baja or send a boat to the south of Baja we can also help you!


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Sep 20, 2005
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In Isla Cedros we did not have the opportunity to fish since
Nice trip report. Done that trip a few times. Last time we brought a boat back from PV. Conditions were absolutely BRUTAL!

Pretty sure you can't fish that size boat at Cedros. Restriction are no boats over 32'. We use to fish my buddies boat there every year 36'. Then then the restrictions put a stop to that.
MAHI Fishing Charters
MAHI Fishing Charters
Thanks friend! It is correct in Cedros they do not allow to fish. Only letting tourists fish but using small boats from locals who live in cedros we had the opportunity to talk with Cedros captains and the Yellowtail fishing was very good!
We were around 4 pm in Isla Cedros, we wanted to go in search of fish outside the island but the wind was terrible, we could not go outside.
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Dec 12, 2003
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In the bank the Tetis we catch only Wahoo.
Oh darn. ;)
Next stop Bahia Tortuga. Here in Bahia Tortuga is a small town where you can buy drinks, lunch and fuel up.
Is the reef leaving the bay to the north still unmarked?

In the '80's we took a couple boats down for the Bisbiee's.
The reef was not marked back then but we scuba'd on it, so we all knew it was there.

Just the old folks went down to bring one of the boats back after the tourney.
They managed to run over the reef and bend up the underwater bits.
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