My Penn's Rocked on the X


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Jun 3, 2012
Vernon, Texas, USA
Alben Lee
I was on the Excel Phenix Rods 10 day trip and my Penn gear rocked. I took 11 rigs, with
9 reels being Penn’s, 2 Daiwa Saltists, 6 Penn rods, 1 Seeker, and 4 Calstars.
I matched a Penn 700ML with a FTH25N. Dorado catching machine. Fly lined bait. Casts like a dream.
2 Penn 700H’s matched with the Saltist STTLD50’s. Fly lined bait. Had a blast with the yellow tails. The rods pulled them out of the deep. YFT as well.
Calstar 6460XH matched to a Penn SQL16VS. That is my go to dropper loop rig. My God rod a rig.
Loved fighting the yellow tail and YFT on it. Very enjoyable.
My back up dropper loop rig was a Seeker 6455XH matched to a Penn SQL60LD and I had to use it
several times. Done a good job as well, just not as good as his 2 speed brother.
Penn 700H and Baja. We were at the rocks. I thought I snagged a Hoo. The Hoo didn’t give up. It wasn’t a Hoo. When we finally saw color, it was a large yellow tail. Although I didn’t catch as many Hoo as other fisher people, I wound up with 3 with those being caught on the 700H and Baja.
Other rigs that were use a little. Penn 50100C66 and FTH60LW. Penn 700M and FTH40.
Rigs that weren’t used but deserve honorable mention.
Calstar 660XXH and 16VSX
Calstar 760H and 30VSX
Calstar 7460H and 50VSX.
Yes, the kitchen sink was in there somewhere as well.
My overall catch –
Skip jack - too numerous to remember
White fish - too numerous to remember
Barracuda – too numerous to remember – almost a menace
Rockfish, sand bass, other species – too numerous to remember
Something I hooked that was on his way back to Peru that never knew he was hooked. Finally locked down the drag and broke him off.
Lots and lots of fish lost to pulled hooks, getting sawed off, and other unknown reasons.
Below list having processed and will be shipped via air freight in about 3 weeks
8 yellow fin tuna
15 yellow tail
3 wahoo
4 dorado
1 fatbastard sand bass for good measure.
Love ya Penn. Tex.


I've posted enough I should edit this section
Oct 21, 2008
Aurora Colorado
So glad you had such a GREAT time. Like I always say. This is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.


I've posted enough I should edit this section
Aug 17, 2006
Spokane, Washington
Doug Pineo
16 foot 1955 Crestliner
Too bad you didn't have some of the Pacific whitefish (two numerous to remember) processed. While not among the rock star SD long range species for pulling and grip 'n grin photos, they are definitely some of the finest fillets in the kitchen and on the table. Also, they yield over 50% by weight. Sounds like a great trip, though!


Deep release specialist
Jul 3, 2003
Mission Viejo
Blazer Bay 1860
We did have Whitefish one day. Some complained until they tried it and pronounced it better than the Wahoo. They were wrong but the Breaded and fried Whitefish was great.

I only had one rig I didn't use, I had a Mak 16sea that never left my room and a Phenix 700x3h that was lonely.