My Favorite 10ft Medium Rated Hawaiian Surf Rig!

Scuba Chris

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  • May 17, 2016
    Kapolei, HI
    Christopher Takahashi
    Boat Name
    Christina Ann
    My "Go To" Rig For Inshore O'io "Bonefish" to Papi'o "Jacks"! From The Ocean to Estuaries!

    It may not look like much but i used the earlier models to test in Hawaii day & night & i was pleasantly impressed! Comes in 9ft, 10ft & 12ft. I use the 9' for whipping (spin casting), 10' for light jigging/plugging to medium dunking (surf casting) & the 12' for medium surf casting for distance. I use 4000 sized spinners for the 9' & 10'. For the 12' i use 6000 spinners. Just remember if you put this in a spike you need to add tape either on the spike's inside ring edge or on the rod butt as it's a split grip.
    Im using a 10ft Nesika MH with a Cedros 4000 Spinning Reel. All by Okuma.

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