Offshore Mustang 6/4


Dec 19, 2007
so cal
18 cc
Jumped on the Mustang 6/4 with 4 buddies in hopes of landing a a 100 plus pound fish. Got down to fisherman’s landing and had a couple of beers while waiting to board.

Got on the boat and there was a total of 24 of us…..not bad for a Friday night. Steve was driving the boat and we headed out to the bait barge and then listen to a 15 min seminar which was very informative. Steve recommended the heaviest set up possible and a flat fall at night and as soon as day break hit switching to a sinker rig. 60 and 80 pound flouro was a must.

I hit the bunk room about 11 and woke up around 4am to the sounds of the engine slowing down. We marked fish down around 180-240 feet. I dropped my shimano 250 glow flat fall down and began to wind my arms off. We waited about 5 min for my buddy to be the first one to hook up. Was waiting for the big run and a long fight but the fish came up easy on 80… was still a nice grade 20 pounder. The way I see it is bluefin are bluefin. I dropped my flat fall a little deeper this time and to two cranks on the handle and was immediately slammed. Once again the fish was no issue for my cal star 700xh and fathom 40nld2. I was on the board and the skunk was off.

We out about 10 more on that stop and the fish were all the 20-30 pound range. As the sun began to peak we all switched to sinker rigs. We began running on schools….and managed a few each stop. A couple schools were up high in the column and blowing up on the surface but in typical bluefin fashion didn’t want a fly lined bait.

All in all it was a great trip and I would recommend as well as fish the mustang again. The food was great……and the bunk room was ice cold along with the beers.


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Mar 7, 2009
16' Starcraft SF SS
Bluefin is bluefin that's for sure! At least you got a couple to take home for dinner.
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