More rare RED GP blanks at Bob Sands Tackle 7-13-22

Bob Sands

Feb 26, 2011
Van Nuys, Ca USA
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Good afternoon all,

After filling our pre-sales we have some RED United Composites GP blanks that I just put in the racks. Here is what I put up today.. If you want one or more please call the shop and order ASAP as these go fast.. You can pay by phone and pickup at your convenience or we can ship blanks up to 8 feet. For those who have not seen them, take one out in the sunlight and You will be amazed. First come First served. When they are gone there will be no more.

We also have a fairly complete selection of most of the other GP 8 and 9 foot blanks in the standard color including 80 Mega, 90 Mega, 80 Tilefish, 80 Tilefish jr., 80 Terminators and both 80 and 76 Predators. Additionally we have 9E and 10E blanks. These also go fast once folks know we have them in stock.

We also have a few RGP 80 factory models including the Mega with Fuji seat, Monster with Fuji seat, 80 Predator with both Alps and Fuji seats, 80 Terminator with Fuji seat and 76 Predator with Fuji Seat.. We also have the 10E in factory wrap and blanks. These go very fast so call if you are interested.

Please note: We also sell most all of the components and thread you need to build your own custom rods. Additionally we are a custom rod shop but our lead times are now about 12 -14 weeks after we get the blank.. Our wrappers are going full time as the demand, especially for U.C. customs, is and has been off the chain.

Here is a list of what is in stock, in red, as of today at 5 PM.

GP 80 Mega
GP 90 Mega
GP 85 Phantom (First and last time these will be produced in red). Incredible performing blank.
GP 10E
GP 76 Predator (only 1 or 2 left)

Have a great season.


Jamie and the gang at Bob Sands Tackle
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