Offshore More cows on the Tanner.

Ben Green

Jul 15, 2017
Also please have respect for the commercial guys out making a living and if your considering doing it have respect for those that are better than you or have done it longer and learn from what you can observe from a distance as you find another area to work don’t be an asshole and have respect on the water you wouldn’t go to a construction site and drive over a freshly poured slab and just think that it’s all good someone did all that hard work and it’s not all fun all the time on the water when your trying to pay the bills so recognize drift patterns breezers commercial boats and GTFO of the way and find your own tuna they are abundant if you do your homework and don’t be surprised if you get yelled at driving over fish someone is catching for a living I think tuna fishing should be fun but rarely are there not more fish in the ocean and nearby if you try harder and get your hrs on the water !
Problem is most commercial boats don't respect the little guy either, so it goes both ways. If a small boat with a couple of dudes are scoring at a foamer, do you really think a 'superior' commercial boat will keep their distance, just saying... Anyways, great haul guys
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Jeff Hannah
Jeff Hannah
I agree and I understand there are bad apples in every bunch but for the most part California commercial fishing is a tight brotherhood and they have much respect for everyone private or commercial I was taught to find my own fish or a different side of the school usually the fish you can see are the tip of the iceberg thank you best fishing of my life yet but more to come...


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Jul 12, 2005
Ya cool ! I only claim to be an good electrician 19 years in the trade and c10 lic as far as commercial fishing I suck at this and there is no money in fishing 😉... But that’s kinda my point LOL I’m not a great fisherman but you must really suck tho I’m learning everyday and I’m amateur I’m just saying respect the pros and stay out of the way to the whoever reads a bd post about the Tanner as it is a mess on the weekends lately and I watched a pro at work under his guidance and I learned how often people mess up fishing for someone feeding their kids and family first hand but something tells me your worse or that guy ! And you probably run over fish all day!🤭 I have love for anyone on the water wanting to get some fish and will even offer help to those that have respect I was speaking in general as I thought this was about the Tanner I could care less what you do I am having a great time I just want others to have respect and learn the right way anyone can own a boat but not all are supposed to be in the control of one 🤔 like I said I suck dude I learned that when I watched someone destroy it and I am just a helper there and with my years in the trades I can say it’s hard to do well and I leaned that helping in a commercial operation those guys work their asses off and I watched guys like you do what cool guys in shiny boats shiny reels do have no clue ruin/run over the meat all week/weekend. If you have ever surfed...a breezer or boil should be treated as a wave in a local spot you can get a wave if your good enough and you need to wait your turn don’t try to take priority over something you can’t handle it cuz you can drive faster I know my place if I wasn’t leaning from a Jedi and seeing the amateur mistakes I would have my head up my ass all day too ya buddy! Sounds like your deep in their... to anyone else have a great time and I can’t wait to see you on the water !

What do you know about the incident on the Tanner recently where one commercial boat fired his rifle at another commercial boat, directly hitting the other boat with one shot and popping a balloon with a bullet from the hand of the occupant? Was this you or one of your friends?

Seems like bluefin fishing is getting a little too serious.... and the reason is because of people with your attitude.
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Dec 18, 2005
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Jeff hannah go start your own fucking crybaby thread,gernsey and company kicked ass and took the time to post up and your BS is probably making him regret it.
Jeff Hannah
Jeff Hannah
If you read earlier I made it clear I was not addressing this at the person who posted this I am grateful for his post I always am. I said what I said because I know some of the kids and childlike adults out there running over fish are on this platform if your not one don’t worry and keep slaying the tuna! 😉 I’ll make it PC for you be respectful on the water in general !


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Apr 25, 2003
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Cory Visser
You are the man Matt, right on, and congrats.

BTW got to pull on this 292 pounder yesterday-Monday 09-13-21

All the best, would love to share a rail with you again for I pass!



May 5, 2004
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Matt Gerns
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You are the man Matt, right on, and congrats.

BTW got to pull on this 292 pounder yesterday-Monday 09-13-21

All the best, would love to share a rail with you again for I pass!

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Very nice Cory.Those big ones sure can pull.