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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, December 9, 2016
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa

    Mexican President Peña Nieto Establishes New 2.7 Million-Acre Baja Pacific Islands Reserve
    The Pacific Islands Biosphere Reserve is a new 1.16 million hectare biosphere reserve, created off the west coast of the Baja California Peninsula in the Pacific Ocean. After an 11-year, multi-stakeholder consultation and negotiation process, this newly created biosphere reserve represents a major effort to protect Mexico’s islands.

    Lands and waters of Mexico’s Pacific region, including newly protected areas, as photographed from the International Space Station, Sept. 18, 2014 (Photo courtesy NASA Johnson).

    The reserve protects not only the islands, but also much of the surrounding waters where marine mammals and seabirds live and reproduce as well as fishing grounds upon which the livelihoods of local cooperatives depend.

    The deep-sea Pacific Biosphere Reserve is a 57.78 million hectare deep-sea multi-use marine protected area newly created off the Mexico’s Pacific coast. The country’s largest MPA, it includes the water column below 800 meters and the fragile seabed ecosystems.

    Mining and fishing will be allowed there, but only without the use of trawling gear outside the strictly protected core zones consistent with UN General Assembly resolutions.

    Sportfishing Association of California Team will be on the Pete Gray Show broadcasting from Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos Blanco this Saturday 7-9 a.m. CONANP Baja C South Representative Maria Josue Navarro, representing CONANP National Commissioner Alejandro del MazoMaza, will be discussing the implementation of the new Biosphere Reserve and its impact on the region.

    Coronado Islands


    Joshon the Mackerel Magnet spent the night at the islands; after loading up on rockfish down on the Finger Bank yesterday, he sent in this report:
    Planned on going on the 95 to Tanner Bank but the weather wasn’t looking too great and already got the green light from my wife for an overnight trip so decided to take one anyhow. Took the 21-foot center console Mackerel Magnet for a little adventure.

    Left Shelter Island at 8 p.m. Sunday night and slowly made our way to the Coronado Islands. Moved in towards Smuggler’s Cove and set up anchor at the mouth. Make sifted some shelter with a tarp and blow-up mattress on the bow and tried to get some sleep. The lighthouse keepers awoke us with stove lights and other signals which we didn’t understand so they gave up and went to bed – so we did as well. Awoke at 6 a.m. and headed south towards some rock fishing numbers.
    We hit limits of mixed rock fish within 2 hours. Had two bonito on the double rock fishing setup on the retrieve in about 100-feet of water . . . lost both at the boat but they looked decent sized.
    All the fish were full of red crab. We used the shrimp rig from SquidCo plus some cut up frozen squid, and 11-oz. weights. It was all in 300- to 340-feet of water. Every drop resulted in 1 or 2 fish. Water was 60.5 degrees; not another boat in sight all day. …


    After talking to a few of the guys, we all agreed we needed to fill up on some good eats. We were all wanting some red rockies and any of the other tasty critters that were willing to play, but we wanted some size or at least some meat. …Chris

    San Quintín

    SQstorm TRoopers.jpg

    "Stormy" weather but still bending . . . these guys. …Captain Kelly Catian

    Bahía de Los Ángeles
    Report pending.

    Guadalupe Island

    Apollo 6-day to Guadalupe on 11/25 to 12/1/2016 Report and pics.

    Fish were 70 to 110 pounds; only one yellowtail was boated.

    Bahía Ascensión

    We usually have great yellowtail fishing around Xmas with the biggest fish of the year being caught, so we have our fingers crossed for that. No fishers here at the moment so no report from the last few days but Juan hopes to get out this week and snoop around! …Shari Bondy

    La Bocana

    Report pending


    Ed Hoffman, our local weather adviser, holds up another one of those "never saw one of those before" fish.
    Caught down at Secret Reef in 80 feet with a blue and white iron. Has that Cabrilla-bass-look maybe in the infant form!

    Ed's neighbor, "Mr. Mike," holding up one of the 20+ pound cabrilla caught off the north side of Monsarret Island while trolling live green jacks.

    That one was a bad streak breaker for the boat "Pacifico" which had been unable to exceed any fish bigger than bait-size for the past three months!

    The water temperatures are sliding down into the lower 70s and that green stuff that attracts the whales is getting thicker, too. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas -- the end of 2016 and the start of a great cabrilla season!

    Not much news about other species like the yellowtail and pargo. Cabrilla weighing in the 20-pound range have been hitting the fish boxes on the south side of Carmen Island. Slow trolling live bait over the rocks has been the key . . . the same method and locations we work over for roosterfish when the water is a little warmer
    Backing up the happy news about the emergence of the cabrilla has been supplied by our divers, once again.

    The sea lion colony and around the north end of Coronado Island has some big schools of huge cabrilla estimated to be bigger than the recent hook and line caught 20-pound versions.
    "Walls" of 3-foot-long fish spotted multiple times.

    When the water is a little murky and the fish are in groups they get very close to the divers. Beware that the sea lion colony area is a "no fishing" area but there are at least three other rocky points and breaks nearby for us fishermen! Wind is starting to be an issue at least half the week and that is typical of this time of year. Also typical would be the emergence of the yellowtail and then the pargo. It is looking like the past summer's sad dorado luck spell may be heading south and the bottom brutes are moving in!

    Only time will tell. …Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    Magdalena Bay

    Report pending

    La Paz

    Report Pending … Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

    East Cape


    Report Pending…Van Wormer Resorts

    ec Dorado.jpg

    Great fishing on the East Cape! Been down here since the 12th; started off slow but the dorado and wahoo fishing picked up last week! Took the daughters out for a little tournament with a buddy and they kicked our ass -- 17 dorado and 3 small yellowfin. Released 10 of the dorado (females and small bulls). …Kwyoming

    San José Del Cabo

    The most common gamefish being caught off of the San Jose del Cabo region and towards Los Frailes has continued to be yellowfin tuna, with other species in the mix, including some wahoo action found on Tuesday and Wednesday near Vinorama, which was on the two days when the north winds did finally lay down, enabling some local charters to reach these more distant grounds. Weather patterns definitely cooled off this week, we felt l\early morning low temperatures of 50 degrees early in the week daytime time into the 70’s, very persistent north winds, which in turn contributed to a cooling trend of the ocean water temperatures, down in the 75 to 77 degree range, with warmer currents of 80 degrees further offshore.

    Anglers had choices for bait, slabs of squid, caballito and ballyhoo, we expect we will soon find some sardineta and mackerel. Wind from the north played a factor to where fleets were able to fish in reasonable comfort, most charters concentrated on grounds from the Gordo Banks to Vinorama. Yellowfin tuna were being caught while drift fishing with strips of squid over high spots, such as Iman, close to shore off Punta Gorda as well. Some of the more productive yellowfin action was associated with fast moving porpoise, with the tuna hitting on strips of squid drifted near the concentrations of the porpoise. The tuna this past week were most commonly in the 15 to 30 lb. range. We did see one 150 lb. tuna caught mid-week from a private boat from off the Gordo Banks.

    Dorado became more scattered by the day, not seeing any numbers, an occasional report of a couple of dorado here or there, more often in the direction of Cabo San Lucas, heard of at least one 25-pound bull. On Tuesday the wahoo went on a frenzy feeding mood near Vinorama, first opportunity in a week or so that charters were able to scout out these further grounds. Slow trolling with trap hooked baits enticed most strikes, though anglers also had hook ups on trolled lures and while casting yo-yo jigs. This action really only lasted two days, as on Thursday the north winds picked up nasty once again. Wahoo ranged in sizes to 45-pounds.

    Billfish action was slow off of our local grounds, though early in the week we did hear of a black marlin being hooked into off of the Gordo Banks, estimated to be in the 400-pound class, the fish eventually broke the 100-pound leader. Should start to see some numbers of striped marlin move in as water cools and food sources such as mackerel appear.

    Not much going off the bottom, particularly with the winds creating choppy conditions. Mostly picking away at some shallow water structure species, such as triggerfish, yellow snapper, pompano, bared pargo, cabrilla and a few rainbow runner…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

    Los Cabos

    In spite of the recent cold front that moved in fishing remained on the upswing for the few going out. Even with the falling water temperatures on the Pacific side of Cabo San Lucas, the billfish bite and the dorado bite remains good for the anglers and especially notable is the inshore waters within a couple of miles of the shoreline that stretches all the way from Cabo Falso to Todos Santo. Lots of dorado tight to the beach and wahoo on Jet Heads and Rapalas.

    Water temps from the Finger Bank to the Golden Gate Bank is all at 75 degrees. Jaime Bank rises to 77-79. Cabo Falso to Los Frailes, and out to about 5 to 6 miles off shore, all at 78 degrees. The 95 Fathom Spot and the 1150 Fathom Spot varies from 75 to 78 degrees.

    A mostly sunny and warm week with daytime temps at an average of 82 degrees and nights cooler at 58.7 degrees. All in all, an exceptional near-perfect weather week for the fleets.

    Sea Conditions: The Pacific side has fallen a few degrees. Finger Bank to Golden Gate Bank at 75 degrees. Jaime Bank and southerly past the 1,000 Curve all at 77-79. Cabo Falso to Las Frailes from shore to about 5 to 6 miles out at 78 degrees. The 95 fathom spot and the 1150 fathom spot a bit cooler at 75-76 with the Cabrillo Seamount at 78. …Larry Edwards, Cortez Charters

    Best Bait/Lure: Live bait, rigged bait and artificials are all working well and the feeders at Cabo Falso Drop Off have been pretty eager to bite on the live bait, both the caballito and the mackerel.

    Bait Supplies: Excellent bait supply for caballito and plenty of mackerel, all at the $3.00 per bait rate. ensenadasammy.jpg ensenadasammy.jpg SQstorm TRoopers.jpg Mike'sMonsarretMonster.jpg Mike'sMonsarretMonster.jpg baja13_63559.jpg baja13_63559.jpg petegray.jpg petegray.jpg petegray.jpg
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    Thanks for the report. Good news about the biosphere (I think). I hope it is effective.
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    GREAT REPORT as usual Gary, lot of fat fish, the whole 9 yards LOL
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