Montauk Sportfishing Report 9/21/15


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Oct 2, 2010
Montauk NY USA
Capt Gene Kelly
September weather finally got here and it looks like it’s here to stay with a bit of northeasterly breeze scheduled for most of the coming week, so just about everything will probably change by next weekend.

Big fluke are still around and biting, but the season is over, as is fishing for seabass in federal waters. But there are plenty of biscuits close in, so that won’t be too damaging. Lazybones had their biggest fluke and seabass of the season this week, Steve Puglia’s 12 pounder and Orson Frisbee’s 5 lb. sea bass.

Not a lot of people talk about it, but some boats have been catching cod on the way offshore for sharks or making dedicated trips for them. Now they have been showing up at Cartwright as well as a bit closer inshore.

Striped bass fishing just can’t seem to get consistent. During the week it was OK with most boats able to get their limits on half day trips, but on the weekend it tanked. It dropped off at Southwest Ledge as well. There seems to be two groups of fish here right now, twenty-four inch fish in the rips and the bigger fish (15-40 pounds) in the area between the Light, Elbow and Great Eastern. They bite when the tide is right and if you are in the right area you do OK, and if you are not there, you struggle. The new bag limit has taken a toll on the number of charters being booked, but in reality, the results for the clients have been acceptable mainly due to the average size of the fish. For a party of six, eight thirty pound fish have more meat than a dozen ten pound fish, and are more exciting to boot.

The falsies have finally started to show up. They are not all over, all the time, but probably will be by the weekend, especially with all the peanut bunker that are here.

It’s a good time to be the guy who sells fuel bladders. The best tuna fishing is out at a weather buoy that is about 125 miles away, twice as far as the Tails, where a lot more boats came back with nothing than something this weekend. The few fish that were caught were all on the chunk. At least there are mahi all over the place.

Thursday night a couple of guys were fishing off the south side in a 21’ skiff when a larger boat on full plain tee-boned them, shut of its running lights and kept going. Luckily, another boat was nearby and picked the guys up. The bad guy was described as a 26-28’ white center console with twin Yamahas.

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