Montauk Sportfishing Report 8/8/16


Oct 2, 2010
Montauk NY USA
Capt Gene Kelly
The easterly breeze we had last weekend apparently chased the bluefins from the West Bank area, but by the weekend they were back. The better fishing had been at the Dump where there is lots of life, but not that many bluefin being caught. I haven’t heard anything from out on the Edge except for mahis and occasional wahoo & yellowfin. I don’t think many boats are wasting their time out there.

Shark fishing is pretty good for the exotics like makos and threshers and a few hammerheads also showed up this week, but not that many bluesharks.

Inshore the striped bass fishing is still good, but the average size of the fish being caught is dropping off. There are still some slobs around, but some of the charters have started to head over to Southwest Ledge where there are more big ones and fewer boats to weave in and out of. You can get an idea of the average size of the fish around when you see the charters jigging the ‘chutes instead of the big tubes.

The bottom fishing continues good with a little frustration with the 3 fish limit on seabass. They’re too easy to catch and concentrating on them seems foolish when you can get a limit in less than an hour.

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