Montauk Sportfishing Report 8/24/15

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    The last shark tournament of the season, “Mako & Thresher Mania” was at Star Island on Friday and Saturday. The results are:

    1st place mako - SEA WIFE - 260 lbs

    2nd place mako - ARC ANGEL- 173 lbs

    3rd place mako - REEL GAMES – 170 lbs

    1st place thresher – JOY SEA - 267 lbs

    2nd place thresher – ROCK N ROLL - 168 lbs

    3rd place thresher – SCOTT FREE - 157 lbs

    Overall the shark fishing is OK, with a mix of bluesharks, which are getting bigger, mostly small makos and threshers. It should start to get even better as the waters start to cool.

    Further offshore there is no real improvement on the yellowfins, just occasional hits far far away.

    Striped bass fishing is still on the delicate side, with enough bluefish around to keep the fares busy between the bass. There are still some big fish around, but the average size has gone down a bit, with more of what we call “taggers” (fish that fit the slot limit allowing them to be sold) in the mix.

    The bottom fishing, especially for seabass is still excellent, and quite often, it is what the charterboats are using to turn a slow trip into a productive one.

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