Montauk Sportfishing Report 8/17/15

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    It looks like we are in the heart of the striped bass summer slowdown. The bass are still big, but they are getting harder to catch. It’s somewhat better over at Southwest Ledge, but not many boats are willing to make the trip for a halfday, plus many of them don’t have the Rhode Island charterboat permit.

    The fluke are starting to thin out as well, but the seabass more than make up for it. It seems like the headboats are looking for fluke, but make sure that they are fishing where they can catch seabass just in case. It may be just me, but it seems like the cull on the seabass is down. I had to catch 2-3 shorts for each keeper on Sunday. I assume everyone knows that the seabss minimum is 14” this year.

    Charterboats on all day inshore trips are doing better than the halfday boats like this trip on the HURRY UP;


    Offshore the makos catches are down a bit. A typical trip will result in 4-6 bluesharks and occasional other colored sharks, and maybe a small mako, but the seemingly guaranteed mako of a couple of weeks ago is no more.

    Further offshore, the yellowfins are pretty scarce. There are occasional marlin of both colors, and wahoo, but don’t count on an edible tuna. At least ot at the Tails or Dip. It’s a little better at the Hudson or Atlantis, but they are both longer rides.

    The last shark tournament of the season, “Mako & Thresher Mania” is at Star Island on Friday and Saturday.

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