Montauk Sportfishing Report 7/27/15

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    Momma’s don’t let your babies grow up to own charterboats. With the regulations, difficulty getting rooms with all the partygoers, lack of disposable income and traffic, it’s getting to be a pretty lousy business. May was non-existent, June just plain crappy and July about three-quarters what it should be.

    By now boats should be getting out six to seven times a week, with Friday to Sunday being two trips, but this year they are lucky to get out four to five times.

    Striped bass fishing is starting to get a little picky. Some of the boats have started to trek over to Southwest Ledge, but that is more because of the ease of fishing than because the fishing is better. But, no matter where you go the size of the fish is nothing to complain about, with most being twenty-five pounds or better. But that’s not good for the commercial guys, since they have a max of 38” on their fish. And it’s noticeable in the market with the price up around $6.50/pound. The restaurant where the boat I run is docked hasn’t been able to have them on the menu because they haven’t been able to get any.Capt Jack Passie has been on sick leave for a week or so and his son John has been running the boat. He has been approved for his license, but hasn’t received it yet, so he has been taking a licensed captain along as mate. I got my shot one afternoon this week and we came back with eight fish like the one below for the Rob Dono party from Patchogue, all between 35-40 pounds.


    The bottom fishing continues to be the best option inshore with the best of it in the Rips to the east of the Point. Go for fluke and in addition, you’ll probably catch enough seabass that you won’t have to go looking for them.

    There are still some bluefins around locally, but if you are serious about them you’ll have to travel a bit out to the east to south of Coxes at least. Out on the Edge, it is picking up but far from red hot, with the best of it down around the Hudson Canyon, where there are some bigeyes. The Montauk Canyon Challenge just finished and the standings are as follows;

    Heaviest Tuna

    249 lbs - Organized Chaos

    210 lbs - Ramble on Rose

    193 lbs - Persuasion

    Heaviest Yellow Fin

    86.5 lbs - JustinJ

    77.5 lbs - Jackpot

    74 lbs - Open Bight

    3 Heaviest Yellowfin

    220 lbs - JustinJ

    219 lbs - Jackpot

    177.5 lbs - Better Days

    Heaviest Albacore

    40 lbs - Persuasion

    37.5 lbs - J&B Boat

    36 lbs - Kristin Lynn

    Heaviest Mahi Mahi

    24.5 lbs - JustinJ

    22.5 lbs - Better Days

    18 lbs - Rascal

    Heaviest Swordfish

    142 lbs - Ramble on Rose

    54.5 lbs - Fishstock

    Heaviest Wahoo

    42 lbs - Fish

    30.5 lbs - Hang'em High

    Everybody is going tournament happy, especially at Star Island. They have a Full Moon Striped Bass Tournament next Friday and Saturday, followed by a fluke tournament on Saturday August 8.

    For more info about fishing in Montauk, check out

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