Montauk Sportfishing report 7/22/13


Oct 2, 2010
Montauk NY USA
Capt Gene Kelly
Offshore is starting to get more interesting. At 600/800 there are lots of whales and porpoises and some tuna have been seen. But the only thing that I know of being caught there are some bluefish. Out around 600/700 there are some longfins, although you don’t see any sign that they are there. Out on the edge, some yellowfins are being caught, and at the Coimbra, bluefin are keeping everybody happy. All this is just in time for the 2013 MONTAUK CANYON CHALLENGE, which starts on July21 and runs through next Sunday. The format is for participants to fish two nineteen hour trips or one 38 hour trip.
Shark fishing ain’t bad either. You can’t expect to catch a lot of sharks, but you will most likely catch some. A surprising amount of hammerheads have been caught and you might also have some mahi come through the slick. On Saturday the SEA WIFE fought an estimated 600 pound mako for a while before losing it and settling for a consolation 375 pound mako. That is the third 500-600 pound mako that has been hooked in a five square mile area over the last month. Could it be the same one, maybe a “Moby Mako”?
Inshore the striped bass are in the summer mode. Very few limits are being taken, but lots of 30-40 pound and larger fish are being caught.
The guy that threw the egg sinker through the window on the HALFBACK last weekend was arrested mid-week and charged with a misdemeanor charge for endangering the client who was sitting at the window and a felony for the damage to the boat, which was over $1000.
Next weekend is the SHARK’S EYE tournament at the Montauk Marine Basin, the first all release shark tournament to be held. Points will be awarded for each shark released; one point for a blue or brown shark, four points for a mako, hammerhead or dusky, six points for a thresher and ten points for a white shark. In addition there will be some satellite type tracking devices implanted in selected sharks.
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