Montauk Sportfishing Report 7/20/15

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    The striped bass fishing has slowed down from the crazy state it was in. There are still enough big fish around, but they are getting a little harder to catch. The big tubes and “chutes are working as are the eels, but you have to be in the right place at the right time. One of the problems is the bluefish. Catch a couple of bass and then a couple of blues and they start chumming and pretty soon you can’t fish that spot for stripers anymore.

    There are still some bluefins around like this one of two caught on the MY MATE before they went shark fishing. But there is no real hot spot and I don’t know anyone who has gone for tuna exclusively. And that includes out to the Edge. Although there are plenty of mahi around.


    The Montauk Canyon Challenge ( started this week and will run through next Sunday. Fish 2 nineteen hour trips or one thirty-eight hour trip, with categories for all the offshore species.

    Sharking has been pretty steady with the bluesharks and some makos although not as many makos as there were. A lot of them probably went east with the bluefins. But, you sure don’t have to go far. A surfcaster lost half a 10 lb. bluefish to a shark at Georgica and another one caught a 3’ mako. The Carl Darenberg Memorial Shark Eye All Release Tournament was held over the weekend. The scoring was as follows;

    blue and sand bar (brown) sharks = 1 point each

    mako, hammerhead, tiger, dusky = 4 points each

    thresher = 6 points each

    Any tagged Shark =1 point

    The results were;

    1st place – FREE NICKY – 42 points

    2nd place – NASTY NESSEL – 42 points

    (FREE NICKY won by tagging one more shark than NASTY did)

    3rd place – TIGER SHARK – 34 points

    There were three sharks tagged with the satellite tags;

    FREE NICKY – 175 lb. mako named CARL

    SUSAN G -300 lb. thresher named SUSAN G

    SUSAN G – 100 lb. hammerhead named ELIJAH

    You can track the sharks at

    The bottom fishing is excellent. Although the fluking slowed down a bit it’s still good enough with a lot of 7-8 pounders. You just have to work for them Seabass opened up Wednesday and that’s the hottest bottom fishing right now, although the porgies aren’t far behind. Most of the charterboats on the all day trips have been chasing the sea biscuits after catching their bass limits. If Block Island is you favorite seabass spot, don’t forget that the Rhode Island right now is one per person, and the Rhode Island fish cops are on the ball.


    For more info about fishing in Montauk, check out

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