Montauk Sportfishing Report 7/13/15

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    Nothing is forever. Most of the bluefins that caused so much excitement over the last two weeks have departed. There are still some around, but to catch one you have to be pretty hard-core, willing to spend the whole day hoping for a bite that might never come.

    But the sharks are still here with enough bluesharks, including some gigandos, to keep anglers busy throughout a day’s fishing. And, makos are plentiful, and right now you are more likely to catch one than not. Virtually all of them are the typical summer fish up to around 150 pounds or so, like this one caught on the WINDY this past week.


    The 2015 Carl Darenberg Memorial Shark's Eye All Release Tournament will be held this weekend at the Marine Basin.


    Don’t head down to the marina to see the sharks being weighed in, because there won’t be any. It goes by points with all sharks released. In addition, a handful of sharks will be tagged with satellite tags that will allow their movements to be tracked at

    The striped bass invasion is still going strong, although the fish have spread out a bit. But, there are still mostly big fish from 30 pounds and larger. Spreading out is a good thing although it may make it harder on boats who count on following the crowd to get their fish, captains who know the spots will always do good with fish like this caught on the HALFBACK..


    The Montauk Surfmasters wound up their spring tournament last week with the following results

    1st Place - Gary Krist - 42.08lb -6/12/15

    2nd Place - Mike Coppola - 38.86lb - 7/3/15

    3rd Place - Paul Pira36.10lb - 6/21/15

    Seabass season opens up this Wednesday and it will be greatly appreciated by those who have been releasing plenty while fluke and porgie fishing.

    For more info about fishing in Montauk, check out

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