Montauk Sportfishing Report 6/23/14

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    Fluke fishing is finally normal, with enough legal fish to catch without having to be an expert. Lots of fish in the rips and more seabass showing up every day.
    But, the striped bass fishing isn’t normal yet. It’s very changeable, one day or tide good and the next the fishing gets delicate. And, often the crews have to do every trick in the book to make sure what they catch is legal size, like squeezing the tail. The good fluke fishing has made it a little more pleasant for those who only want stripers though. Boats that are less dedicated are switching over to the fluke earlier and getting out of the way.
    The porgies are coming on strong around the Point, so running over to Cherry Harbor isn’t necessary anymore.
    Offshore the bluesharks are still easy to catch and some nice makos have been coming in like the MICHELLE’s 340 pounder, but there’s not that many boats sharking yet. The Marine Basin has their tournament this Friday and Saturday.
    There are some schoolie bluefin splashing around for anyone interested, and once in a while one or two even get caught.
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