Montauk Sportfishing Report 6/22/15

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    Star Island held the first shark tournament over the weekend with around 120 or so boats fishing it. The weather was good although the second day was a little sloppy, but it didn’t hurt the fishing. Boats averaged about twenty bluesharks a day and in addition saw whales, bluefish and bluefins on the top, with most of the tuna out to the east around the northern part of The Dump. The results are as follows:

    Largest shark – WHITEWATER - 470 lbs mako

    1st place mako - WHITEWATER - 470 lbs

    2nd place mako - OVERSPRAY - 349 lbs

    3rd place mako - LADY IRENE - 334 lbs

    1st place blueshark - SOLIVIA ROSE - 221 lbs

    2nd place blueshark - PENSION PLAN - 219 lbs

    2nd place blueshark - ISABETTO - 219 lbs

    1st place other - MY BUDDY – 449 lbs thresher

    2nd place other - MOUNTANEER - 358 lbs thresher

    2nd place other - JAKAMO TOO - 292 lbs thresher


    I heard that the PINWHEEL from the WICKED TUNA show was in the tournament, along with a TV crew, and had a little bit of an accident. Apparently they threw a small mako in the boat which promptly took a bite out of somebody. I wonder if that will make their show.

    Next week we have another shark tournament on Friday and Saturday, this time at the Montauk Marine Basin.

    The Montauk Surfmasters tournament runs until July 4th and these are current standings;

    1st Place - Gary Krist - 42.08lb - 6/12

    2nd Place - Wes Odonnell - 28.86lb -6/16

    3rd Place - Arden Gardell - 25.48lb - 6/2

    Besides the charter boats not sailing the way they should, there doesn’t seem to be the amount of boats out fishing that you would normally expect to see at this time of the year. The owner of the boat that I run isn’t here yet, so I haven’t been out on the water much, but I have been taking a drive out around the Lighthouse on occasion. This Saturday at mid-day I only saw four boats fishing. A little further along I stopped where I could look back and see boats fishing the Elbow, and there might have been a dozen or so boats there. Later on coming back from the boat in Devon, coming down the hill into town I could see only two boats fishing, probably off Ditch Plains. Most years I would see what looks like the Blessing of the Fleet. From the road I couldn’t see how many boats were fluke fishing between the Radar and the Point and I wasn’t going to pay the $4.50 parking fee just to count the boats. Then I took a ride around the marinas, where I saw a couple of old-line charter boats that I wouldn’t even think about calling if I needed a boat for a weekend, sitting in. Weekdays are a lot worse with boats tied to the dock. May is already a wasted month and now June is looking to be almost as bad. And, it’s not just the boats in Montauk. The boat I run is docked at Devon Yacht Club, back in Gardiners Bay. It’s 75% sailboats with a couple of outboards and my boat. It looks like only about half of the slips have boats in them yet, and there is a list of members waiting for slips there, so it’s not that there are no boats to fill the slips as much as it is there is no hurry to get the boat in the water.

    For more info about fishing in Montauk, check out
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    Why the light boat activity?
    Bad weather?
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    Sounds like a blast... I wouldnt throw any size mako into the boat!
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    I spoke to my old captain out there who told me it was slow for him as well

    He mentioned two things and one prevailing change to Montauk I started seeing just before i moved.

    1) Really really really cold winter. The June moon wasn't what it should be bass fishing.

    2) Regs - Charter boats got cut down from 2 bass per person per day to 1 bass per person per day. Tough to sell a charter for 1 fish.

    The big one though is that Montauk is no longer Montauk. Growing up the Hamptons stretched from West Hampton to East Hampton. Once you got past East Hampton and got to Amagansett and Montauk it was a different world. The very tip of Long Island was a fishing town plain and simple with some cheap beach motels for the middle class of NYC to use as vacation rentals. I remember the first time I went there when I was 8 and remember thinking this is it. This is heaven. Nothing but fisherman and boats and fish everywhere.

    Today... Montauk is just an extension of the Hamptons. Hotels are 4 times what they were 6 or 7 years ago. Fusion restaurants dot the harbor and there are less and less fisherman. The high priced hotels and hipsters from Brooklyn have really made it so fisherman don't have the money or desire they used to be out there. SUCKS but it's reality at this point.
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