Montauk Sportfishing Report 6/20/16

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    Once upon a time many, many year ago, a Montauk charter boat took its fares out shark fishing and returned without catching a shark, or even getting a bite. “Unbelievable”, “Impossible”, “How dumb do you have to be that you can’t catch a shark” were some of the things said at the time, leading to the expression “shark dummy”. That was then and this is now, mid-June, when I won’t even go shark fishing because the boat’s owner and I being in our mid-seventies have no desire to wrestle with a dozen blue sharks while trying to catch a mako. Over the weekend well over a hundred boats participated in Star Island’s shark tournament, and well over half of them and nearly all of them fishing within 40 miles or so of the Point were shark dummies. And, only one blueshark qualified at exactly 200 lbs, the minimum weight. The results are as follows;

    1st place mako - THOR - 730 lbs

    2nd place mako - LOCKED UP - 378 lbs

    3rd place mako – REEL NAUGHTY - 209 lbs

    1st place thresher - F.I.S.H. - 398 lbs

    2ndplace thresher - CHAOS - 317 lbs

    3rd place thresher - BREAKAWAY - 273 lbs

    1st place blueshark – DOUBLE TROUBLE – 200 lbs


    Next week the Marine basin has their tournament and hopefully the fish will get a little closer.

    There is one good thing about having lots of boats offshore, lots of eyes on the water, and a good number of those boats either saw bluefin or signs of them, and all over the place from the west bank and eastward to the 500 line, and not far off.

    Inshore the bluefish have eased off, but it didn’t help the striped bass fishing. That’s still a struggle with few boats making a limit on a half day trip. Thank God for porgies, because that’s what many of the boats have been switching too when getting near the end of the trip, lots of ups and downs with good sized scup.

    The fluke fishing picked up markedly when the breezes dropped off early in the week with good sized fish. But you still have to be in the right place at the right time, something I’ve been having a problem doing, zigging when I should be zagging.


    The seabass season opens up next Monday, the 27th, with a fifteen inch minimum and 3/person limit until August when it becomes an 8 fish limit and November 1 when it goes up to 10/person. There are lots of seabass around, but put them on the measuring board and catching a limit doesn’t look as easy as you might think.

    For more info about fishing in Montauk, check out
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    Thanks for a great report!
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    Awesome report, thanks!

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