Montauk Sportfishing Report 6/15/15

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    I did my shakedown trip with a couple of friends on Wednesday and it was kind of slow. We aimed for fluke first on ebb tide down on the southside, but it kind of sucked. Leftover swells that fluke don’t like combined with enough breeze against the tide to stop any drift. But we caught some nice inedible seabass like Canoe Bob’s from Nissequogue shown below. We were able to dj some stripers on the flood.


    The fluke are now out in the rips as well as on the southside and as it has been all season, when conditions are right the fishing is great. When it’s not it gets frustrating.

    There are striped bass all over the place, but for the most part not many in any one place, except occasionally on the Elbow. Boats are still scratching hard to come back with a limit – and it’s not the same limit as last season, one fish per person instead of two. Most of the fish run from short up to fifteen pounds or so, but it seems like every day somebody catches a 40-50 pounder.

    Shark action has started, and just in time for next weekends tournament at Star Island. The few boats that have been going have found plenty of bluesharks and OH BROTHER capped off Sunday’s trip with a 200 pound thresher. There was also a 300 pound thresher caught last weekend by a Connecticut boat that stopped off at Westlake to weigh it in.


    During the week there were some reports out of Rhode Island about bluefin chasing bait just south of Block Island. I also heard third hand about some bluefins being brought into Rhode Island, possibly from the Dump.

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