Montana Hunt Recap


Dec 19, 2004
Rancho San Diego
20' Fish-rite CC
My brother and I booked a 7 day Elk/Deer combo hunt for Montana after we were drawn with an outfitter we've hunted wilderness before. Armed with 7 mags (mine nicknamed the Death Ray) we flew into Billings and drove to meet guide in the Big Timber area for a private ranch hunted butted up against the Custer National Forest. He had never killed a bull after 5 attempts and I have so when we encountered 2 shooter bulls he took his pick and we filled the elk tag on smaller 5 pointers. Later in the week I filled a bucket list deer with an 11 point whitetail and he a nice mule deer. Wether varied from 16 frozen to 30 blowing snow. Next outing will be for Javelina AZ HAM hunt in February. I use my muzzleloader and .357.

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