Islands Monday Fishing at Catalina


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Feb 13, 2015
Bruce Hershberger
American Angler
A buddy blessed me with a trip on Gerry Mahieu's charter out of LB. Underway around 6:30ish. No bait at the LB receiver so we motored up to Pedro. Made bait and headed out. Couldn't ask for a nicer ride out, almost dead flat. Basically it was steady pickin's all day for bass, barries, and some better grade bonito. The YT were there but the bait was getting picked off by the three B's b4 the YT would come up for it. And of course there was the usual fighting with the sea dogs...always a game to see if you can horse your catch in b4 the dogs get to it. My first time out with Gerry and I can't recommend him enough. A really great guy who knows the area extremely well and kept us busy all day. He worked the area hard for us and we had a great time.The real adventure came on the ride back in. We started back about 4:30 and 5 minutes into the return trip the heavens opened up! It started to pour rain drops down the size of nickels, so heavy at times it greyed out the visibility for a half mile. Lightening and thunder every couple of minutes and hitting the water as close as ever want to come to it...but i wouldn't have missed it for the world! Gerry captained his 22' Robalo through it all like the pro he is. We were soaked to the bone and had a trip we will never forget...haven't stopped smilin' :-)


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    Gerry rocks. Yeah that was some storm
    boomed thru OC/Long Beach=North
    yesterday. We needed the rain. Great
    report/info and glad you got some fish.
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