Offshore Mission Belle Coronados- Saturday 9-26


Feb 16, 2018
Spaghetti Madness
Sorry late report.

Hit up the Mission Belle on Saturday with my Brother, and found a few more familiar faces once we loaded the boat. Bait was weak 4-5” deans. Couple nice sandies at the bait barge.

Hit all the spots on the Island, with monster bonito on the chew everywhere we went. Did have one school of 5lb rat yellows stick with the boat for a few minutes. Hooked 5 and kept 2. All on bait. Also one quick burst on full size yellows with the boat landing 2, one on dropper and one yo-yo.

Also caught a few rockfish on the yo-yo and about a dozen Calicos mixed in throughout the day which were all released. Water was 70.9° and got colder as we moved south.

Monster bonito was the main action for the day. Lots of 5-8 lbers in the mix. Fun to pull on but not the targeted species.

Great time on the water, with a good crew, great food and excellent conditions.
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