Mid grade yellowtail SD : 11/16



Nov 4, 2019
Santa Ana
2002 Edgewater 185
First post here. My son and I decided to try and find some fish on Monday even though the water had cooled considerably. Launched at Dana Landing Mission Bay and grabbed 3 passes of good bait from the barge. Headed towards the 226. Weather was great with a little East wind. Stopped on a few patties in 65 degree water with nobody home. Almost to the 226 and saw a large school of good sized tuna crashing under birds, chased me around for about 10 minutes then they sank out. A few more stops on empty kelps at the 226 and beyond and headed for the 230. Only a few boats out as far as the eye could see. Stopped on 2 empty patties at the 230 then found the golden ticket! Grande sized patty in 66.7 degree water loaded with 5-7 lb yellows. My son and I had a blast, got our limit and did catch and release for a while then called in a few other boats that were in the area. They were eating the jig really good!
We headed southwest after that but the water color changed and cooled so we headed towards the 371. Found a few more patties that were holding yellows in 66.9 degree water and had some fun. We headed for the barn around 3pm and stopped on one patty on the way in, no yellows but it had a mako shark circling it so we chunked the rest of our bait and tried to get him to eat the jig. We hooked him twice and he broke off both times. The first time he went fully airborne about 50ft from the boat. Really cool to see. Great day all around. Hope this helps.
Tight lines!!!



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