Meet My M.O.W. #93 Bigger Vigor

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    Name: Bigger Vigor


    How did you get the call sign/user name?
    Its My Boats Name

    Age: 44

    Location: New Zealand


    T-Shirt Size: Medium or Large if its made in China…!!!

    Loch Ness or Big Foot & Chupacabra?
    What do you think?

    I reckon Scotch whiskey and Bourbon obviously pack the same Punch. ChupaCabra..?? I don’t know about that , we speak the English in New Zealand…!!


    What is your favorite boat to ride and why?
    My own , Because I can ,whenever the weather permits.

    How many days do you average on the water a year?
    40 - 45 In a Good year..!!

    How long have you been fishing?
    Since I was 5 years of age. Going on 39 years now.


    What was the first fish you ever caught?

    Talapia - Bream , in the Zambezi River and farm Dams in Zimbabwe - Rhodesia at the time.

    Tell us something that you don’t tell to many people.
    I have actually physically Measured My Dick…:-))

    What is one thing you have learned from fishing?
    The Most relaxed Guy on the Boat on any given day gets the biggest fish.!!
    Fact , cant explain it. Seen it too many times to dismiss it.

    Do you have any advice to future fishermen?
    Relax , and always Live to fish another Day.
    The Ocean is No place for Heroics.

    What is YOUR favorite species to catch?
    Yellowtail Kingfish - Seriola lalandi


    Favorite place to fish with Tips to share with other members?
    New Zealand . For Snapper try Great Barrier Island.
    For Kingfish try White Island.

    What is most ridiculous thing you have ever seen happen on a boat?
    A Fisherman let go of a rod…!!!


    Type of Gear you use:
    A Mixture of Penn for Reliability and Cranking Grunt , its never going to drop you in a Fight.
    I have some Daiwa reels Too , They are Really up to the
    Fish around here.

    Daiwa for the Higher speed Gear ratios , needed for Jigging and faster Retrieves.

    I Don’t smoke , but I might consider starting if the cigar was still on the Cuban Maidens inner thigh at the time…!!
    Yep definitely..!!

    Favorite Drink?
    Beer , Speight’s Mate…!! Good NZ Beer.

    If you could take one rig on a TUNA trip what would it be?
    For YFT - My 9ft Stand up with a Penn Senator 6/0 or 9/0.
    NZ 's Pacific Blue fin , I don’t own any gear that would stop them.!!

    Have you ever dyed your hair?
    No , and I no longer have any on my head.
    So I probably wont be starting anytime soon either .

    Do you play video games?
    No, What for…?? And why..?? Doesn’t that involve vegetating on a Couch indoors. Escapes me , the whole concept. Sorry.


    Would you rather make good speed in shitty weather or
    Poor speed in good weather?

    Good speed in Shitty Weather , without compromising the safety of my crew as an absolute Condition.

    Do you like goats? Be honest

    In New Zealand we Prefer the sheep actually…!!

    If you could be a fishing guide anywhere in the world…
    where would you be and what would you fish for?

    NZ – Ranfurly Banks – Yellowtail Kingfish – Hapuku – Blue Nose
    NZ – White Island - Yellowtail Kingfish
    NZ – Three kings - Yellowtail Kingfish
    NZ – Bay Of Island / Tutukaka - Striped Marlin

    With all of the fishing boards around now- I am sure you have met more fishermen than you would have without the boards. What has been the most memorable experience in dealing with another fisherman from the internet?

    Meeting them and Going fishing together.
    The Cream of that particular crop would have to have been our trip to White Island Last weekend where we Nailed some really good Yellowtail Kingfish.
    Especially meeting , Muzzman , Mozz , and Babbz.
    The Kiwi’s Like the z ‘s as you can see…!!!

    What is one weakness of yours?
    I am Too Hard On Myself.


    Wanna tell us about your family?
    Fiancé - Nicki - a fantastic , sexy , Kiwi Girl.
    2 Daughters - Melissa and Savanna , 17 and 9 years.
    1 Son - Daniel - 17 weeks Old.

    Do you own a dog/pet?
    Baxter - The Labrador.

    What is your favorite type of music to listen to?
    All of it except Grunge and Head banging type “noise”.

    Do you have any other hobbies- when fishing is not happinin?
    Keeping my boat seaworthy is a Biggie.
    Keeping the Family smiling Is a Fulltime Hobby


    Regarding Offshore Fishing…
    What matters to you most…

    The Foreign fleets plundering our stocks

    The Hunt for Cow Tuna…
    Would you take a chance of NOT catching any fish to get the most time to find them?
    Would you rather have the Captain leave the area to pursue smaller fish that are being caught, Yellowtail- Dorado- Rock Fish?

    Perseverance , will reward you , look for the Cow Tuna mate…

    Furthest distance ever fished off shore?
    +/- 40 Nm off Shore


    What would your "DREAM BOAT" be?
    A 52 Foot Salthouse.

    Dream destination:
    Vanuatu - Espirito Santo

    If you could live any life style any where – what would it be?
    New Zealand - Retired - with a House on a waterway and My own Jetty for the 52 ft Salthouse.

    Do you think it is a good ideal to have more women involved with fishing?
    Absolutely. Bikini's should be compulsory…!!


    What is the craziest fishing thing that has ever happened while being on the water?
    In South Africa I Had a Friend, "At Slinger", one of the strongest dudes I have ever met , a real gentle Giant.
    After wrestling an estimated 250 Kg Zambezi Shark to the Boat , he was standing with the Bamboo Gaff in his Hand ( The Gaff was only suitable for fish say up to 80 Lbs Max). He asked , what should I do..??

    Flippantly I replied , “Gaff The Fucken Thing..!!” .Quick as Flash , He did Just that .!!

    The water Exploded into foam and spray and He had the beast halfway into my 16 Foot Invader Cat, when I heard a sharp Crack ..!!

    Thank God , The Shark fell back into the water , and I have this lasting memory of Straight sticking , this pissed off shark , Just to get the line to break , as It disappeared with half My gaff , protruding like a snorkel from the Corner of its Mouth.

    Has there ever been a life turning experience happen to you while being on the water? Or has something just scared the hell out of you while being on the water?

    Yes the Ocean changed my life.

    I am a war veteran and My head was pretty cooked after close on 20 years of Africa and its wars, brutal Crime and General human Savagery ...!!!
    When I left the services, I went fishing Commercially for 3 Years and The Ocean restored my sanity and Tranquility within My soul. It continues to do so each time I venture Out , to this day.
    The ocean is my sanctuary.


    Who turned you on to How did you find us?


    If you won 5 million $$$ how would you spend it?
    That House on the waterway and the 52 ft Salthouse.

    Have you ever wanted to try for a World Record Fish? What fish would that be? Line class?

    No , IGFA Rules are Full of Crap and Just rob a Lot of Joy from many really truly good fishermen.
    I Couldn’t be bothered splitting ball hairs with the pedantic rich in a Pissing contest.
    Because I have seen peasant Fishermen in Dugouts in Mozambique Catch 300 + Kg Black marlin on Bamboo rods with wire guides and Monofilament joined in 6 different places with the common blood knot and still land that fish , then row home from other side of the Horizon to feed the whole village.

    Those guys are better fisho's than we will ever be.
    R E S P E C T to them.

    After seeing that stuff , why would I bother with a misnomer like IGFA records.

    I fish for My and My friends and families enjoyment, my personal sanity and the Table. Not Mucho macho bragging rights or my name on some board.

    Where I come from the dead guys got their names on a Board.
    Believe you me , I did everything possible to avoid that….!!
    I don’t plan to change that behavior anytime soon.


    What do you want to catch this season?
    A couple of Striped Marlin and an 80 lb Yellowtail Kingfish.

    Why do you think you are a good candidate for my Bloodydeck’s Member of The Week?

    Personally I don’t. But there is no denying , my passion for the ocean. I live for it.


    If there is one question you can ask any Member of Bloodydecks, who would you ask and what would the question be?

    Josh Temple
    Q… Please Can I be Deckie on your Next Bikini Jam…???

    Tell us what you want here, if you want to add anything that I missed or just want to brag about something:

    Nope , No Bragging. Just keep up the good work. This is a Cool site. Perhaps a separate forum thread for NZ on its own.
    We are actually 3000 km from Australia , besides they speak funny over there…:-))

    Thank you so much for being my Member of The Week, I know there was a few month delay because of my moving and settling in in up here and a few other silly things, but thank you for your patience.

    Great luck to you and Nicki on your wedding next year!
    Way stoked for you!

    Tight lines & calm seas to you!
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    That was one of the better MOW's. Thanks.
  3. Mstonefish

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    Great to meet you Gavin, looking forward to more of your reports from afar.

    Great MOW Shelly
  4. Null&Void

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    Good stuff right there Gavin. It looks like we need to see more reports from you.

    ...nice write up Shelly!
  5. Ali

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    Nice work Shel!

    Keep those reports coming Gavin!
  6. tunawrestler

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    great write up...
  7. Sofia Rose

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    Very nice Gavin.
    Keep going fishing and reporting!

    Shelly, excellent pick!
  8. Bigger Vigor

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    Cheers Shelley...

    Guys, I will endeavour to Get out Plenty over our Summer, The fish are moving in after our NZ winter , so shouldn't be too long before the posts appear more regularly.
    Winter passed was a long and windy one - Plus Mucho family stuff happened - also 14 Boatless weeks whilst the New Boat BV was welded up, so fishing was irregular to say the least.

    But The goodship BV is Now ready for summer , and fully customised, serviced and waiting for the Next High Pressure system.
  9. elliemay

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    Loved it! Great write up. Now I want to go to New Zealand. Beautiful pictures. You got it made man.
  10. Orca

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    Gavin, Great write up. Those pictures bring back great memories. Hope to make it back there to fish White Island with Rick.
  11. Mr. Len

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    Best MOW in awhile. Keep 'em coming. Nice read, makes me want to go to NZ someday!
  12. Mischief

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    now thats why i want to move to New Zealand! awesome,..

  13. Johnnyfish

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    Very nice write-up. I'm a big fan of the Bigger Viggor Chronicles...good stuff Gavin.

  14. MORGS

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    Great write up glad to have M.O.W back.

    the second pic with those yellow GAWDDAMM those are BIG :eyepoppin
  15. Fishin Fool74

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    Right on Gavin. Awesome MOW Shell. I think I need to go to NZ. I want a 80lbs yellow.
  16. Professor

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    Great MOW, but now I’ve got to read his posts all winter about 60#+ YT while I’m scrounging rock cod.
  17. Boz19

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    Wicked, good stuff Gavin.

    Yeah guys, NZ does rock :loverz:
  18. Spyder

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    Very cool write up Shelly. :appl:

    Gavin, you rock brother:git:! Thanks for sharing with us.
  19. medunn16

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    Great write up Shelly!

    Them are some BIG jello's!!!!
  20. bluefin grin

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    Great bio. Shelly, you do a great job. Oh ya. I really like those Yellows.

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