May 6, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor. A variety of fish have been biting off the coast of Maui. This past week has produced billfish, tunas, mahis, and onos. The fish are being caught nearly every way imaginable: in the morning, during the afternoon, offshore, inshore, on lures, and using bait. With all of this variety, the fishing is quite entertaining overall. If there are any questions, feel free to call Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time or email [email protected]. The report below depicts some of Start Me Up’s recent anglers and their catch.

Every angler dreams of the day that they will get tight line on a big tuna. Bill Sanders was able to live this dream, hooking a 145 lb. yellowfin tuna. Bill’s ahi ate a live opelu on 50 lb. test line. Fighting such a big fish on light tackle resulted in a 45 minute battle, which Bill eventually won. Great job Bill!

Putting forth the effort to wake up early paid off for Mike Vanhemelryck, Bill and Justin Hallock, and Grant and Ted White. The anglers went out on Start Me Up’s early trip and caught 9 mahis on live bait at the offshore FADs.

This nice bull mahi ate a purple softhead for Jelena Hallock. As every angler would, Jelena really had her work cut out for her with a fish of that size. She did a great job fighting the fish as evidenced by the fact that her mahi ended up on the boat. Her husband, who was along for the experience, was even able to get some great photographs.

The waters near Lahaina Harbor have been producing some fish lately. Debra and Mark Matthews capitalized on the inshore bite to pick up a mahi on a short morning trip.

Daniel and Tristin Sullivan also took advantage of the inside bite. The father and son teamed up to catch this mahi on a short afternoon trip. Catching a nice cow mahi together is a good way to bond.

Bill Connery didn’t have to go far to find his mahi. Bill joined the large group of recent anglers that have made the most of the inside bite close to Lahaina Harbor.

Jonah Bierisch hooked an ono that got away. Jonah’s consolation fish was this kawakawa that he caught on the ledge off Manele Bay, Lanai.

Dennis Schaffer came across a relatively cooperative ono and boated the fish. James Champion did the same with his mahi. Catching a couple of different species always mixes things up nicely.

Wayne Jarrett, Ben Venegas, David Bandazian, Cameron Stadnky, and Duane Wagner fished at an offshore FAD. They missed a few fish but managed to boat these three mahis while using bait.

Craig and Tammy Loggins, who are newly married, caught a couple of nice fish while trolling off Lanai on a short morning trip. The mahi weighed in at a respectable 24 lbs. and the aku, also known as skipjack tuna, will make a delicious meal or two.

The area surrounding the Lanai lighthouse yielded some nice fish for Rich Martin and Dan and Lori Kartman. Rich and Lori each landed a mahi while Dan boated an ono.

Chad and Hawley Clark enjoyed their first sportfishing experience on Maui. Chad and Hawley caught a mahi in addition to a big kawakawa which was approximately three times larger than the average specimen.

In this case, the smiles really say it all. James and Sam Kline had a great time on their afternoon trip. They capitalized on the afternoon bite by strategically avoiding the morning rush at the FADs. James and Sam went out to K buoy, where they caught a 35 lb. bull mahi and 20 lb. cow mahi. Both fish were unable to resist bait on standup 50 lb. class rods and reels. The use of standup gear allowed James and Sam to really battle their nice mahis, resulting in an exceptionally fun trip overall. Afternoon trips have been very productive lately. Two days before James and Sam went out, another Start Me Up afternoon trip caught 12 mahis at K buoy. That trip returned late to Lahaina Harbor and, unfortunately, no photographs were taken.

Kyle and Nathan Zanetto specifically targeted onos. Kyle and Nathan went two for three while trolling a spread of jet heads at the slides on the backside of Lanai.

This lucky angler caught a big aku. Akus, also known as skipjack tuna, are usually quite small, but larger individuals are capable of attacking lures used to target mahi mahi. Sometimes catching a nice aku can be a refreshing alternative in comparison to catching a mahi.

Chris Delia and Trent Miller enjoyed their first sportfishing escapade off Maui. Chris boated an ono while Trent caught both a mahi and an ono.

Alex Threlfall and Jim McKinlay caught some sashimi while Jim Truwe caught a mahi for the barbeque.

The Murray and Reichel group picked up a couple of onos and a mahi while fishing behind Lanai.

Mike Sager caught the fish of the trip with his big bull mahi. However, Tony Zumwalt and Dan Miller were not left out of the action as they put three more mahis in the bag. All of the fish were hooked at an offshore FAD.

The McCarty family made fishing a family affair and Ryan McCarty ended up catching a nice mahi.

The Maris party was kept busy landing several mahis and an ono. The anglers said that they a great time, as the fish and the crew provided a fun trip.

Rob Tzuberi, Eugene Polgar, and Bernie Schneider had a productive trolling session. Rob and Eugene each landed a mahi while Bernie caught a shortbill spearfish.

Anna Stewart got lucky and came across the most elusive billfish in the world. Anna’s shortbill spearfish ate a lure trolled near the Lanai lighthouse.

Kevin and Tara Knapp had a couple of shots at shortbill spearfish as they trolled the ledge from LA buoy to Manele Bay, Lanai. Kevin and Tara were able to catch and release a nice shortbill spearfish estimated at 40 lbs.

This ono made the day for Drake Griffiths, who is 8 years old. As he should be, Drake is very proud of his catch. Way to go Drake!

Thanks for checking out this Start Me Up fishing report. Any questions can be directed toward Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time. Another option is to email [email protected]. As long as the waters around Hawaii continue to produce fish, the next report should be up in a reasonable amount of time. Until then, tight lines.



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