May 23, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui, Hawaii


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor, Maui. Sport fishing in Hawaii is exceptionally exciting at the moment due to the relatively large numbers of billfish being caught. Shortbill spearfish compose the majority of the current billfish catch, but there are quite a few blue marlin around as well. As usual, the mahis and onos continue to bite fairly consistently. Every day on the water is different, but fishing out of Maui is productive overall. If there are any questions about the fishing, feel free to call Deli or Jonny in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time. Another option is to email [email protected]. This report is not completely up to date because the preparations related to fishing have been very time consuming lately. Nevertheless, this report does contain some of Start Me Up’s anglers and their catch up until May 20th.

The Rieker family had an exciting day on the water. Marcus, Zak, and Brandt were fortunate enough to boat an ono and tag and release a blue marlin. They got some fish for the dinner table and felt the satisfaction of releasing a healthy blue marlin.

As the Riekers can confirm, seeing a lively blue marlin is quite a spectacle. Their blue marlin was lit up next to the boat after being tagged, meaning that the fish was displaying all of its brilliant colors.

This group of anglers caught a mixed bag of fish. Mike and Rubin Sanchez caught two mahis, an ono, and a shortbill spearfish. Mike Juholi also caught two mahis, one of which was a nice bull.

Matt and Stephanie Kiraly elected to go out on a short morning trip. They trolled the inside and landed an ono at Olowalu, which is located approximately five miles south of Lahaina Harbor.

This mahi could not resist a trolled lure. After the strike, Tony Schatte jumped into action and boated the fish. Tony chose to have his mahi filleted so he could have a barbeque with some fresh fish.

Trey Sanchez successfully tagged and released a blue marlin. The fish was part of a double bite approximately two miles inside of K buoy. Needless to say, experiencing multiple blue marlin bites simultaneously is quite rare.

This ono was hooked while trolling off Lanai. Isabel Diaz demonstrated good technique as she fought the fish and brought her ono to the boat without any problems.

Trolling off Lanai produced another ono for Moses Kardashian. Moses was happy with his catch and had a great time on his trip. Besides taking pleasure in catching his ono, Moses was also able to enjoy some fresh ono fillets.

Taking photos on the boat while the fish still have their color is a good idea. That’s exactly what Moses did as he posed with his ono.

This 138 lb. ahi was caught on a 9 inch Maui Fishin Kolohe lure made by Captain Steve Carroll, who is a part of Team Start Me Up. The Kolohe lure moves through the water well and creates a nice amount of splash in the pattern. As a result, the lure draws a lot of strikes.

There have been bigger tunas around, but Don Elder was happy to have his shibi cut up for some sashimi.

Lillis, Carson, and Preston Hawker, visiting from Idaho, started their vacation off with a bang. They caught a nice shortbill spearfish, which caught everyone’s attention by ripping line off the reel.

Although shortbill spearfish are considered the most elusive billfish in the world, they continue to bite quite often in the waters around Maui. Brian McCune caught a shortbill spearfish as well as a shibi.

Ono typically strike in relatively shallow water and Chris Ryan’s fish was no exception. Chris boated his ono after the fish struck a general jet.

This striped marlin struck a lure just inside SO buoy. John Beckett did a good job as the angler and brought the fish to the boat. John’s striped marlin was filleted and consumed.

Kurtis Aikens, Jason Smith, and Nick Ellard missed a blue marlin that shook the hooks while jumping out of the water. Kurtis, Jason, and Nick made up for missing the marlin by landing a mahi, ono, and shibi.

Rhea and Doug Wong got a double ono bite just past sweetheart rock near Manele Bay, Lanai. Both of the onos ended up on the boat with Rhea landing the bigger fish.

This ono simply could not resist the Elkins Jr. Popsicle. The fish grabbed the lure and then Rich Fontenot took care of the rest.

Teresa and Carmine Kopecky had an awesome afternoon trip. The action started when Teresa caught a shortbill spearfish, which was tagged and released. The shortbill spearfish was released in a healthy state and Teresa was even able to get a photo with her fish. That’s a win-win situation.

After Teresa tagged and released her shortbill spearfish, Carmine fought a blue marlin that was over 700 lbs. for 50 minutes. Carmine fought his blue marlin to leader, but at that point the added pressure was too much and the fish got away. Thankfully, the fish was still healthy after the fight and swam away without difficulty. The final fish of the trip bit on the way back to Lahaina Harbor off Manele Bay. Teresa got back in the chair and picked up line as the boat reversed in pursuit of the fish for three miles. The blue marlin surfaced briefly and then went under for the last part of the fight. Forty five minutes after the strike, Teresa caught her blue marlin. Teresa’s fish hit the scales after dark and weighed in at 320 lbs. Teresa and Carmine really had a great trip.

This group of anglers found out that the pelagic fish in Hawaii really do bite in the afternoon. The anglers caught two mahis and a shibi, which are all excellent table fare.

Jose Alcala, Charles Crouse, and Tony Zeman had a productive four hour trip. Jose took care of the billfish by catching a shortbill spearfish. Charles and Tony took advantage of a double bite to boat a pair of mahis, with the bull landed by Charles weighing in at a hefty 42 lbs.

Fish that are not swimming or being filleted are always kept on ice. Making sure that fish are iced properly ensures that the meat will stay fresh and not be wasted.

Derek Pischke also caught fish on a four hour trip. Derek caught his nice cow mahi while dragging lures.

Brothers Glenn and Peter Ryan caught a pair of fish. Glenn caught a shortbill spearfish and Peter landed a mahi.

Gavin Lindeen caught his first shortbill spearfish. Gavin felt that his fish was a reward for approaching fishing with a positive attitude. Fishing is always much more enjoyable when approached with a positive and realistic outlook.

Bob Marshik caught a 422 lb. blue marlin after the fish attacked the lure running in the short corner position. The lure, known as the tomahawk, darts from side to side and dives up and down. In fact, the lure resembles a small mahi mahi. Bob’s blue marlin was not able to refrain from eating the lure, giving Bob the chance to enjoy a great fight and catch a great fish.

Nick Faulker caught a 271 lb. blue marlin after the fish swallowed the lure in the short corner position. Back at Lahaina Harbor and hours after catching his blue marlin, Nick was still pumped up on adrenaline. Funnily enough, one of Nick’s friends who went on the trip had fished with the same captain 20 years previously and caught a 270 lb. blue marlin. Nick barely edged out that mark by a single pound.

Thanks for checking out this Start Me Up fishing report. Any questions can be directed towards Deli or Jonny in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii Time. An alternative is to email [email protected]. Until the next report, which should be posted relatively soon, tight lines.



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