May 21-24 American Angler Salty & Scooter annual bluefin hunt


  • Nov 28, 2005
    Santa Monica
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    Just a quick recap as finally recovered for being up for 3 days !

    Arrived at Desperation Reef Sunday late afternoon and immediately started hooking 100 lb average fish on snipers, assorted other jigs and flyline. Fish were super picky so 30 lb flyline was getting bit but very low chance as I went 0 for 3 before getting a smaller model on the 120 g sniper. Getting bit on 40 lb was difficult at best and 50 and 60 just couldn't pull our baits enough and finicky bluefin wouldn't be fooled.....night bite started around 9 pm and got good around 1 am for our jackpot at 163.5 dressed

    Day 2 was same as afternoon day one, with picky bite and I was able to fool 4 on 40 lb flyline going 2 for 4 (see tail hook on one landed and exploded 40 lb fluoro on a break off photos below) Other loss was a hook pull as using small circle (Gama Nautilus 1) to get bit....switched to mutu #4 after to improve chances. A couple light sinker rigs, plus the 40 lb flyline and snipers getting bit sporadically. Guys flylining 30 lb had lots of bites but zero landed as fish were too mean and big for that in a timely manner. We weren't allowing long fights with low drag pressure as not fair to the other 26 guys ! Night 2 bluefin vanishing made move early day 3 to the usual spot WSW of the Coronados for 2 daylight bites, both on snipers, one chew off and one hook pull on lengthy battles on 60 lb (larger, meaner fish !!!). Night 3 had decent action with an early flurry of fish to 150 and midnight flurry of 80 to 100 lbers......and that's a wrap

    Capt Brian K, Griffin, Kirk, Brad and Jacob were as good as crews get. Lori in the office handling logistics flawlessly (impossible !!!). Tom and Chase in the galley were the same with tasty, healthy meals and snacks daily

    We ended up with 91 bluefin with almost half exceeding 100 lbs





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    Nov 29, 2005
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    Thanks for keeping us up to date !
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