Max drag Tiagra 130 land based shark?


Jul 8, 2013
jackson ms usa
wilson kruger
So I’ve been land based shark fishing out of Tampa for two years now. I’ve been running a Tiagra 80w as well as two penn slammer 10,500’s.
Last year I broke 500lb wire multiple times likely due to kinks and broke mustad 3X hooks. I’ve now dialed up my leader and hooks to unbreakable and just bought a tiagra 130. First night landed a 11ft hammer.
My question is about drag. It was about an hr fight on strike set at 60lbs.
I’m running 200lb hollow core and 200lb topshot. I want to absolutely slam these fish with drag. Has anyone pushed 80-100lbs of drag on a big fish from the hook set to the leader? What’s the likely hood of the 200lb braid snapping if it’s new. Thanks, got the 130 that I’ve always wanted to I figured that I would lock n load!
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