MasterBaiters Sportfishing Puerto Vallarta OMG. Who needs a laugh? This is good...


Sep 17, 2012
puerto vallarta, jalisco, mexico
pink panter
As if you need another reason to NOT FISH WITH MASTER BAITER'S in Puerto Vallarta owned by Mr. Stan Gabruk, check this out.

Here are a few choice excerpts:

"The web Site Bloody Decks is the Joke of the Big Game Charter Industry and Here´s Why: A few years back, a well known captain here in Puerto Vallarta came across a couple of ¨Skaters¨ and the conversation came up on how there was very little information about fishing coming out of Puerto Vallarta (PV)."

"My name is Stan Gabruk, Owner of Master Baiter's Sportfishing and Tackle® in Puerto Vallarta. We´ve been in business since 2000 and we´re world Famous."

This guys list of bullshit statements is awesome. He claims BD was started by Canadians to promote PV. He calls the mods the Taliban. He says BD runs charters out of PV and we don't take care of our boats. Apparently we all live in Canada....

Truly the raving of a mad man. It's awesome. Please take a minute to enjoy.

The web Site Bloody Decks is the Joke of the Industry and Here´s Why Masterbaiters's Blog

He's all bitter because we wouldn't allow him to advertise on BD. Mr. Gabruk and Master Baiters Sportfishing have a VERY long and checkered history in Puerto Vallarta. For this reason we can not recommend this organization to anyone. I think his diatribe on the link above pretty much tells the story. will only endorse top quality opperations like:

Puerto Vallarta Mexico Sportfishing Charter for Marlin Sailfish Dorado - El Matador
Sports Fishing - Puerto Vallarta: Top Gun Charters
Marla's Sportfishing - Big Game fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Please consider the first class operations above for your next Puerto Vallarta Fishing Adventure. These guys own their own boats and have a proven track record for putting their customers on Tuna and Marlin of a lifetime. Their customer service is second to none.

This really gave us a nice chuckle here at the office. Thanks Stan!
Why don't you ask this Guy how many boats he own, this Guy is the one that makes people pay double the price, he works on commission and the only one that loss is the client, this practice is done by most of the OPC'S and the clients are part on this because they truly believe that they are going to get a better price and they only get burn and a nice ride in the Bay.... unfortunately !!!

Bud Lee

May 10, 2015
Buddy Lee
when I win the lotto
I just met a guy that had a really bad experience with masterbaiters . says this guy Stan totally lied to him about everything about the charter he sold him.


Dec 4, 2011
Tahoe City, Ca
michael willson
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His website cover picture currently has;
a guy with a six pound dorado being stuck by the gaff with the deckhand admiring
the awesome fight it must have produced with a 130 reel !!!

Nice work Stan !!! The Dorado are all but extinct, but that's alright everybody has to make a peso somehow !