Massive El Niño provides another great week

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, December 4, 2015
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa

    Massive El Niño sweeping globe is now the biggest ever recorded

    The current El Niño is considered the strongest ever recorded, smashing the previous record from 1997-8. Already wreaking havoc on weather around the world, and the new figures mean those effects will probably get worse. Climate change could be to blame and is known to be making the extreme impacts of El Niño on weather more likely.

    A key measure of its intensity is the warmth of water in the central Pacific. In 1997, at its peak on November 26, it was 2.8°C above average. According to the latest measurements, it reached 2.8°C on November 4 of this year, and went on to hit 3.1°C on November 18 – the highest temperatures ever seen in this region.

    Coronado Islands

    No Report.


    No Report.

    San Quintín

    Yellows on surface iron at Isla San Martin with lots of barracuda as well;
    we were on the anchor with a couple of divers in the water. We got fish at 240-feet on yo-yo. Water was 68-70 degrees…Captain Kelly Catian

    Bahía de Los Ángeles

    Captain Igor and crew on Thanksgiving weekend.

    Bahía Ascensión

    Capt. Juan Arce Marron loved getting Erin & Tristan from Arizona on some fish here in Bahia Asuncion! They didn’t mind too much having fish blood on their hands! They enjoyed eating the fish they caught. …Shari Bondy

    La Bocana


    Videos in estero of the port; undisclosed fishing after filming. Thanks Ali Hussainy. Juanchys pic…

    [​IMG] ajaB bonefish Baja bonefish found in the La Bocana Estero.


    A little follow up on the travel to and from Loreto via Otay walking route:
    1. Parked across from McDonald s. $8.00/day prepay -- gated area.
    2. Walked from parking area (very close) across to waiting taxi to airport entrance (5 miles -- straight shot) -- $12.
    3. You can get the FMM past the walkover bridge or at the airport. Airport is much longer.
    4. Flew Aero Calafia -- $220 R/T.
    5. Reels were allowed on carry-on (no issues).
    6. Rods were $38 each way and were checked in with luggage.
    7. They weighed the luggage plus the carry-on and dinged me for being over. He said 33-pounds is max. I got snaked on this. Guy behind me slipped the guy cash and he was not charged. BEWARE on this issue.

    1. They weighed the luggage but NOT carry-on and I was not charged a dime other than rods ($38).
    2. Reels allowed in carry-on (no issue).
    3. Taxi in front of airport -- $12 direct to border crossing; then walk very short distance.
    4. Waited 10 minutes through customs.
    5. Walked to car and all good.

    Special Note: I will never fly from LAX again. I flew ahead of time on my own and it was really easy. Wife and daughter did it a few days later and was very easy and safe. Highly recommend this route and looks to be even easier with the new bridge opening soon.

    Fished three days and did very well on yellowtail and cabrilla. Fished east point of Coronado and just outside of Playa Almejas which is just north of San Basilio. South was not really happening. Seemed like everything was up north of town. Coronado had bigger models but was a “pick bite” and Almejas was a bit steadier. Bait was sketchy and caused us to get out late each day. Wind blew from the 26th until yesterday. A 10-12-ounce weight on 60- to 80-pound Fluor on top of 50, but nothing less than 40. YoYo worked as well but bait was the key. …Lobo

    A nice cabrilla and a pound or two over the average ones being caught close to town. For the bigger one you need to travel a little farther and have luck on your side. Live bait, trolled hard baits and iron all work on these cabrones. Captain "Manino" with a Punta Colorado Cabrilla

    It's been windy with whitecaps popping up by 10 am every day this week.

    Very few fishing trips hit the water and the ones that did worked the close in spots so they could return early- before that stuff hit the fan!

    The interesting fish dope was again from the scuba divers.
    Autumn is the best time for diving due to the water temperatures being very friendly and the visibility being great. From August until the end of November is prime season for underwater fish exploring.

    Since last week’s scuba trips the water has gotten a bit green with lower visibility.

    Sara Cartwright, one of our PADI instructors, mentioned again that the big pargo, snappers and grouper around Coronado Island are huge, in thick crowds and curious.

    Curious might not be the most exact way to describe their behavior, "they just aren't timid and they swim over to check you out"!

    Sara mentioned how it makes her a little weary, enough to make her pull her arms in closer to her body as she cruises.

    Every time we butterfly and barbeque a 10 pound pargo we also are impressed by the dentures! ( the official name-Pacific dog tooth snapper )

    Cabrilla, orange snapper, a few fire crackers and a few cabrilla has been the catch to expect from the close in spots (Lagrimas off Coronado and La Cholla off Carmen Island).

    Don't forget the triggerfish. They can get in the way of catching anything else but they taste good, too...Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    Magdalena Bay

    No Report.

    La Paz


    Mike Nuttbrock from Linn, Oregon, was on his first trip to La Paz and had a nice three days of fishing, including this trophy cabrilla he put in the panga fishing with Tailhunter International out of Bahia de los Muertos.


    Ken Errair recently moved to La Ventana near La Paz and in-between rough windy days got out near Las Arenas and had a nice day with several big fish including this tough amberjack.


    From Long Beach, Calif., young Taylor Murphey always does well fishing near Bahia de los Muertos and Cerralvo Island, and she shows off two of her yellowtail while standing on the beach at Muertos.


    Ayden Nuttbrock from Linn, Oregon, is 13-years-old and did some banner fishing this past week with Tailhunter Sportfishin, catching a variety of species including dorado, bonito, marlin, yellowtail and this hefty pargo…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter

    East Cape


    Brrr! Had to break out a long sleeve T-shirt this morning. Don't laugh -- when I checked the thermometer it said 63 degrees.
    The buzz is there are stripers and wahoo in numbers off La Ribera/Punta Colorada. …Mark Rayor

    Neto Castillo Nava captured this cabrilla from beach.

    I guess that during an "El Niño" year dorado season starts in Where have you been?? Welcome home!!

    San José del Cab

    Wahoo kinda’ day at Iman Bank. …Joe Turano

    This week like clockwork the numbers of visitors were far fewer than in previous weeks, this is normal for immediately after Thanksgiving and prior to the Christmas Holiday season. Last week we were all caught off guard by the latest forming major Hurricane ever recorded in the Eastern Pacific, Hurricane Sandra reached category four strength and initially was forecast to pass very close to Cabo San Lucas on Saturday, the system followed a unpredictable course, it then collided with a powerful wind shear from the north, which stirred the storm further south and caused rapid weakening. Southern Baja was spared of any devastation, there was a fair amount of rainfall recorded in the Los Cabos, possibly up to three inches in certain areas. Winds never reached much more than 30 mph gusts, but storm swells did kick up to about four meters and both local ports were closed all day on Friday and Saturday, rainy day schedule, finally opening Sunday morning. Since the passing of this storm front there have been persistent northerly winds, ranging 15 to 25 mph and this created choppy conditions on the open grounds north of Punta Gorda. The winds did slack later in the week, helping to settle seas, air temperature are still reaching into the 80’s and lows dipped to 60 degrees. Ocean water temperature was now ranging 79/80 degrees throughout most of the region. North winds pushed in slightly greener current close to shore.

    The week started off with the wahoo being aggressive and very active early in the day on the Iman Bank. Best action was on slow trolled baits, either caballito or chihuil, not much reported on trolled artificial lures. Some charters landed up to five wahoo, with that many other strikes lost, weights averaged 25 to 40 lb. Not as many dorado were found in the same area.

    Yellowfin tuna action became hampered by persistent winds, harder to find porpoise activity, and not favorable for drift and chum style fishing. Other day’s anglers could see tuna breezing on the surface, but these fish were just not interested. A handful of yellowfin tuna have been landed, some smaller grade football, but other quality tuna in the 40 to 120 lb. class were caught. The day before the recent storm struck there was a report from commercial pangeros based out of Los Frailes, who landed one yellowfin tuna that weighed 378 lb. while fishing on the San Luis Bank with squid. If weather cooperates we do expect to have more quality yellowfin tuna action opening up.

    The bottom action showing a little more promise recently, but again you need calmer conditions would help. A few species of pargo, bonito, amberjack, triggerfish and cabrilla, no big quantities, but better than what we have seen off of the bottom for the past month, we expect to see improved bottom action, though this will depend on how persistent north winds prove to be. Normal fall/winter wind patterns have been harder to predict this year, winds usually blow for several days, then we have a few nice days and cycle repeats itself, not like these seven to eight day blows we have had this fall.

    Bait supplies remained plentiful for live caballito, not much else was available, no ballyhoo or sardina to speak of. With changing ocean conditions we hope to see sardina move back within our range…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas.

    Los Cabos


    BITE IS ON! If you want marlin NOW is the time - Eight marlin released by two Australian girls on Tracy Ann -- Brittany and Charmaine Burton kicked everybody's butts yesterday! THE FISH ARE HERE ...the migration of striped marlin into the area exploded yesterday...36 marlin for 7 boats.


    We did boat work the first day down on Saturday and got her ready to fish. Then we headed to the Cabo Marina on Sunday and caught a couple of stripe marlin on the way down. I really wanted to get my little guy (10 months) and my wife out on some fish so we ran up the Pacific side on Monday. We had a great trip, lots of fun all around; the little guy got to see some fish come over the rail. We had 8 dorados and a couple of stripeys and we lost 4 or 5 other dorados. …Chris

    The appearance and departure of late season Hurricane Sandra had little effect on our fishing other than getting the port closed on Friday and Saturday. The fishing was good prior to the storms passing and great afterward, depending on what you were fishing for. Billfishing for striped marlin is as good as it gets, the dorado are biting like crazy, there are some tuna to be found and some very nice wahoo have been hooked up…George Landrum.
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    we are heading down for two weeks this Saturday. we cant wait! :)
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