marlin lures for sale


Jul 2, 2012
san diego
so here are some marlin lures that i got awhile back in a trade and i dont think ill ever use them
for any questions just pm me or give me a call (858)699-7598
nicksboards 244.jpg

they have rubber concave heads and i have no idea who made them
$5 each
nicksboards 246.jpg

these are all zukers except for the orange one at the top of the pic, its a izuo
$10 each
nicksboards 245.jpg

these have no markings on them so i have no idea who made them but it looks like some good effort went into these
$40 each
i have a few random size heads for these as well that i will give to how ever wants them
also im not a marlin guy so i have no idea how these are worth, so if it sounds like alot or not enough money please let me know, thanks
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