Marine batteries - Optima Bluetop and Interstate Marine


Apr 5, 2011
Dana Point
No Limits
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Parker 2320sl
I have 2 extra batteries that I no longer need.

The Optima Bluetop D31M has been used mostly as a power source for my Ace Line Hauler - 3 lobster seasons with 4 trips max each year (DC 2014). It's too big and heavy for what I need. This would be great for dual engine/house source. This is Optima's strongest marine deep cycle battery. Asking $120 (retailed ~$300)

Model: D31M
Weight: 59.8 lb
C20 Capacity: 75 Ah
Post Type:Dual SAE & 5/16 Stainless Stud
CCA:900 Amp
WxLxH: 6.56 in x 12.81 in x 9.38 in
Optima Blue 1.jpg

Optima Blue 2.jpg

Optima Blue 3.jpg

The Interstate is a marine deep cycle battery, group 27. Purchased from Costco and used as starting battery since 5/2015. It's a standard lead acid filled with 600 CCA, 160 reserve capacity (minutes) or 67 Ah. Very strong and reliable. Asking $60

Interstate battery 2.jpg

Interstate battery 1.jpg
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