March 22, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor. The fishing is still good on the leeward side of Maui. The mahi bite has picked up over the past few days and many of the mahis have come on the troll. Trolling has also been producing some striped marlin and blue marlin. Surprisingly, quite a few onos are being caught on the troll as well. The first onos started trickling into the harbor five days ago and have continued to be caught, suggesting that the catches are not just a fluke. The onos appear to have shown up off Maui, hopefully until the start of next winter. If anyone has questions about the fishing, feel free to call Deli in Start Me Up’s Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii time or email [email protected]. The report below contains Start Me Up’s anglers and some of their catch from the past four days.

Fishing is easy, at least for the Caveney family. They took advantage of a fast and furious afternoon bite to catch five mahis while trolling in the LA buoy area.

Jenna Ellis utilized her beginner’s luck to catch a mahi on her very first fishing trip. Jenna’s luck spread to her husband Ellis, who caught a 150.4 lb. blue marlin.

Darrell Reid converted on his lone bite and landed this mahi. Darrell was happy as he and his fish had an appointment with the barbeque.

The friendly competition between Catherine and Jeff Fierberg resulted in a tie. They each landed a mahi and an ono at the area off Olowalu known as the dump.

Joe Estrella, Jerry Shipman, and John Salyers all joined in on the action. The anglers landed two striped marlin and a mahi. They also caught and released another striped marlin.

The Evert party came up with a shibi for sashimi and a couple of mahi for the grill. The fish were caught trolling the inside ledge on a short trip. The anglers had some great comments that the captain and crew were happy to hear.

The four hour trip resulted in a nice mixed bag of fish yet again. Ross Thompson successfully reeled in a mahi and Larry Bronikowski was able to boat an ono.

Michael Eisner and David and Steven Terry each found a mahi at the dump area off Olowalu. All three of the fish were caught on lures.

The dump area continued to produce fish, this time for the Stern family on a four hour trip. The Sterns caught two mahis, one of which was a nice cow.

This mahi swam aggressively into the spread, attacked a lure, and ripped out some line. Liam Sealy was up to the task of taking on the mahi and did a great job getting the fish to the boat. Liam was very excited about his catch.

Joey Meyer came up big for his group, catching a mahi that was perfect for the dinner menu.

Mike Williamson, a repeat Start Me Up fisherman, has certainly had more productive days with Start Me Up. However, Mike did not go home without fish and enjoyed the day as usual.

The dump area off Olowalu gave up a couple onos for Brett Kimberlin and Austin Meier. The onos bit simultaneously and Brett and Austin managed to remain in control of the exciting situation to land both fish.

Brian Ridge was another angler that managed to catch an afternoon ono. Brian came across his fish while trolling the always reliable general jet.

This mahi struck and then jumped immediately. Despite the fish’s best efforts to escape, Mac Swanson kept the pressure on and boated the fish. Keeping the line tight is undoubtedly the most effective way to keep a fish hooked up.

This mahi never had a chance once Josh Allison teamed up with his brother RJ to put the fish on ice. Once off the ice, the fish was put right onto the grill.

This mahi was exactly what Tom Brooke was looking for when he decided to go fishing.

Josh and Tom Gus, who are repeat anglers with Start Me Up, showed that they know how to get the job done. Their experience came in handy as they caught three mahis in the deep water off Lanai.

Lady luck prevailed as Tammy Gerszewski took her turn to catch a mahi. Tammy was thrilled with her catch and even posed with Captain Craig.

Every fisherman knows that one fish is way better than none. That’s exactly how James Smith felt after he caught a mahi just outside the ledge. The mahi bit a four inch jet running behind a bird.

Barbara Anderson chose a great way to celebrate her thirtieth wedding anniversary. Barbara caught a nice cow mahi and her fellow angler landed another mahi.

The father and son team of John and Mike Crowell ended up catching a mahi. Regardless of the catch, fishing is a great way for parents to spend time with their children.

Trevor Wood got his fishing career off to a good start. Trevor caught this mahi at the inside pinnacle called secret spot.

Lady luck prevailed once again as Heather Bader boated a mahi. Heather was rock solid in getting the mahi to the boat after the fish struck the lure running in the short rigger position.

Fishing is all about being in the right place at the right time. Of course, catch rates do increase when the fishermen know where the right place is likely to be. This is exactly what happened when Doug Deans, DJ Kline, and Sam and Ryan Blundell were persistent in working a current line off the slides of Lanai. The anglers’ conviction that they were fishing in the right area paid off as they picked up three mahis and an ono near the current line.

All three generations of the Straube family know how to catch fish. The Straubes, who regularly fish with Start Me Up when vacationing on Maui, demonstrated their skills in catching these five mahis.

Thanks for taking a look at another Start Me Up fishing report. If there are any questions, remember to call Deli in our Lahaina Harbor booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii time or email [email protected]. Until the next report, tight lines.