Dec 18, 2020
Puerto Vallarta
Daniel Gómez
Boat Name
Dhamar Sportfishing
Great fishing on march 2022
The spring season it’s getting better and better
Our good buddy Jesse Mela from SoCal, came to celebrate his birthday with us out at corbeteña rock!! The goal was looking for a billfish for his wife’s.. and maybe some dorado for him!! But the Rock (corbeteña) surprised us with lots of birds and yellowfin tuna jumping and feeding on top!! So we decide drop some baits and drift!! We had like 20 live caballito(caby) and only 1 live green mackerel(froggys) after 15 minutes.. 20 ft from the boat big splash the Captain Danny Gomez just grab the mackerel and cast to the foam and booom this is what we got !!!
Small reel big fish!! You never know what can come up and hit your bait out here!!

March 08 2022
Nice yellowfin tuna 🇲🇽 on a 60 pound test of fluorocarbon líder!! Nice and easy we land this one in 45 minutes!!
Just a nice way to celebrate your birthday 😎
They decided come back and chill on the bar for more celebration 🎉 thank you very much compa see you soon!!

Also we had a few inshore trips!! There’s multiple types of fish but one of my favorites in general it’s this beautiful fish
CUBERA SNAPPER or Dogtooth Snapper it’s the time of the year they show up on the surface and feeding on frenzy no matter what!!
My buddy David from Washington was looking forward to catch up one of those and we made it!!

Casting and livebaiting around our local reefs


In the process we catch and release many of jackcrevalles (jurel) tuff fighters!!

Fishing with my amigo Jay Bo and his friend For a few days inshore and offshore catching and release a nice pack of sailfish, dorado, jacks and Pargos




Just epic!!
Thank you all for the support…

SoCal Fire department Spencer wants to chase those pargos for his birthday!!
Nonstop getting in hot 🥵 with those colorados snapper on top water mixed up on the jacks!!
The only way we catch them that day was with stickbaits

Check out



Feeling the warm of Mexico 🇲🇽
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