March 14, 2011 Lahaina Harbor, Maui


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Dec 9, 2008
Lahaina, Hawaii, USA
Start Me Up Sportfishing
Aloha from Lahaina Harbor. This past week has been very strange and eventful. The Start Me Up fleet missed three days of fishing because of some uncharacteristic bad weather and, of course, the tsunami. In the end, things worked out and all of the boats are still in perfect fishing condition, which is good because the fishing has continued to be productive. Some relatively large tunas have been showing up and the buoys have produced good tuna catches. There are mahis at the buoys as well, but a majority of the mahi bites have been coming on the troll. Trolling has also resulted in quite a few billfish, most of which have been striped marlin. However, blue marlin and shortbill spearfish have been around too as one of our boats actually had a triple blue marlin bite today. If anyone has questions about the fishing, call Start Me Up’s booth at Lahaina Harbor at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii time or email [email protected]. For more details on the happenings of the past week, take a look at the rest of the report below.

According to his dad, Zach Rose can’t miss when it comes to billfish. Zach’s dad was right this time as a 385 lb. blue marlin came up on the short corner, grabbed the Eddie Condo lure, and proceeded to rip out three hundred yards of line. The fish eventually succumbed in a 45 minute fight off the Lanai lighthouse, a favorite fishing spot for Team Start Me Up even on afternoon trips. Congratulations to Zach on a great fish.

The Hill party landed a couple of mahis on an afternoon trip. Their trip had been postponed due to some atypical bad weather but they made the most of the situation once they got out on the water.

Jeff Zohlman caught the fish of the trip with his 80 lb. ahi but Thomas Keirn and Bruce Fournier weren’t complaining about their mahis and tunas. All of the fish were caught on live bait at NASA buoy. These anglers left early, fished hard, and were rewarded.

All hands were required on deck for a tuna flurry at N buoy on the north shore of Molokai. Jake Simmon, Vince Thomas, and Terry and Dixie Campbell capitalized on the early morning frenzy and secured quite a bit of sashimi.

Cody Meyers had some action while fishing the inside on a four hour afternoon trip. The mahis were biting but proved to be difficult to catch as the boat went one for three. Despite some missed opportunities, Cody had a nice fish to display proudly when he returned to the harbor.

Melissa Dainoviec and Rich Weiss were all smiles after fishing in Hawaii for the first time and boating a couple of mahis. Because they had a good time, Melissa and Rich will probably go fishing the next time they are in Hawaii.

Kyle Hansen showed his skills as an angler and got this mahi on the boat. The mahi came up and hit a Jr. Popsicle as the lure traveled over a school of bait fish.

Matt Stuart had a busy morning, fighting five mahis and a shibi all by himself. Matt ended up with a nice bag of fish caught at a FAD buoy on Start Me Up’s early departure trip.

As returning Start Me Up anglers, the Moon party had a great trip. They came up with a 50 lb. ahi and five mahis while fishing the deep water behind Lanai.

These anglers were persistent in trolling the deep water off the shoals of Kahoolawe. Their patience paid off as the spot produced three mahis for them.

There was sashimi galore for Everett and Cindy Giles and Art and Lyn Cardinal. These anglers enjoyed some tuna action along with some great company on their trip.

Guy Petty accomplished a lot on his four hour afternoon trip. He went fishing, the ladies got to do some whale watching, and the dinner plans were even taken care of once Guy caught this shibi.

Arnold Hangen also took care of the dinner plans when he caught this mahi on a short morning trip.

If you don’t succeed at first, then try again. That’s exactly what Debra Noonan did as she went out with Start Me Up for the second time in a week and tagged and released a striped marlin. Debra was very proud of her catch.

Zach Young heard the excited yell of “Fish on!” and sprung into action. Zach did a great job taking care of business and got the fish safely on the boat. Both Zach and crewman Ryan, who is also pictured, were excited about the catch.

Lady luck struck again as Jen Shiell landed a nice bull mahi while trolling in the channel between Lanai and Kahoolawe. Bull mahis are very strong, but this one didn’t stand a chance against Jen’s finesse. Way to go Jen!

David Zook, Roger Chalifoux and RD and Josh Crawford had a perfect record for the day. The anglers converted on all four of their mahi bites, a feat that was made even more impressive by the fact that none of the mahis were small. Three of the mahis might appear to be small, but that’s just because the biggest bull is a very nice fish. All of the action came in the deep water behind Lanai.

Dwayne Sitzman and Tyler, Kyle, and Terri Polesky were one billfish short of the Hawaiian slam. They caught a striped marlin and a shortbill spearfish. All they needed was a blue marlin and they would have caught the three main billfish that are caught by sportfishermen in Hawaiian waters. The anglers caught an additional mahi.

Tim Davidson and Mike and David Trierweiler caught two mahis and a tuna. There is plenty of meat on those fish to provide a good meal or two for the anglers and their families.

George and Jane Ferguson went fishing for their anniversary and caught three mahis, one of which was a nice bull. The lesson to be learned from this trip is that fishing on your anniversary is acceptable as long as your wife enjoys fishing and wants to come along.

Kevin Steinhilber caught a mahi on his first ever sportfishing trip. The mahi was caught in the LA buoy area.

The slides on the backside of Lanai are more than just a landmark. They are also a good fishing spot, as Tyler Gongliewski and John Reynolds can verify. Both anglers boated a mahi while trolling off the slides.

This lucky angler capitalized on the afternoon bite and caught a mahi. The mahi was the last fish caught before the tsunami.

Captain Patrick of the Action was, like the rest of the Start Me Up fleet, stranded outside Lahaina Harbor for forty hours after the tsunami. Captain Patrick spent some of that time fishing and landed an ahi estimated at 110 lbs. The solo ahi was worth Captain Patrick taking some time from the regrouping process after the tsumani to pose with his fish. Also pictured in the background are Chuck, Start Me Up’s go to guy for just about everything, and Deli, who mans the Start Me Up booth at Lahaina Harbor.

Bob Pixley and his future father in law Ken Withell were hoping that the surge of the tsunami at least brought some more fish close the islands. They were not disappointed as they each caught a mahi on Start Me Up’s first trip completed after the tsunami.

Brenda Williams, William Mercier, and Brian and Laurie Getson found five mahis, including three nice ones, in the deep water behind Kahoolawe. That’s not a bad way to spend the day.

Rasheed picked up a mahi for his first ocean fish and the rest of the Phifer team tagged and released a striped marlin. This group of friends definitely had an exciting and enjoyable day on the water.

This striped marlin was perfect for local angler Brian Nickerson. Brian was able to enjoy the exhilarating experience of catching the fish as well as the rewarding experience of sharing his fish with friends. Lots of people are going to be enjoying striped marlin sashimi and steaks courtesy of Brian.

With all the striped marlin action, Jody and Terry McCallum along with Ken and Mande Ford took their turn to tag and release a striped marlin. They were not particularly interested in eating the striped marlin, which was still healthy after the fight, so the fish was released.

Justin Coenen and Mark and Mike Eimmerman had a successful afternoon trip. By tagging and releasing a striped marlin, the anglers checked catching a billfish off their list of things to do. They also took care of dinner by catching a mahi. Their action came while trolling the ledge outside of Manele Bay on Lanai.

Thanks for checking out this Start Me Up fishing report. Remember to call our booth at 808-667-7879 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Hawaii time or email [email protected] with any questions. As can be seen above, there are fish out there right now. We’ll be doing our best to catch some of them and, barring any more strange events, the next report should be up relatively soon. Until then, tight lines.