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Aug 24, 2017
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Okay, I know that there are exactly One Zillion opinions about this topic (Jig Sticks) in general. However, I have a specific question about a specific rod, and I need your opinions/input about it. Hoping my BD friends can lend some opinions.

I have a Shimano Torium 30 that I want to use as my primary reel for throwing iron at larger Yellowtail and medium tuna (jigs between 2.5 and 4.5oz). I need a jig stick to pair it with, but don't have a ton of $. Considering it's late in the season, I'm tempted to just wait for the holidays and black Friday to see if there are any amazing deals.

However, I see that there is a screaming deal ($135) on an Okuma Makaira deckhand rod (801H). It's 8' long and rated 20-40lb line (1-4oz lure). I am aware that the Makaira line has SUPER high ratings and have developed a very good reputation as strong, reliable rods.

I know that true "Jig Sticks" are at least 9' long. However, some of my favorite jig throwing rods are 8', and I don't feel an overwhelming need to have a longer rod than that.

I'm wondering if anybody owns this rod, and if you use it to throw iron. Does it work well? Do you like it for this purpose?

Thanks for any input you can give!
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Oct 13, 2010
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The person throwing, and how they throw has a lot to do with length. Good mechanics, setup, and adjustment you make can have a effect on the length you use. I not only prefer 8ft but use it 99% of the time fishing iron. I use the 801H at this time for iron. I recently sold a bunch of Calstars, and am buying more PCH rods. And have several Makaira rods. Buy it!
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    What’s the worst that could happen you add another rod to the quiver? I’m sure it would make a fine heavy bait rod if it doesn’t throw iron the way you like.
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