Magdalena Bay wakes up while wind continues

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    Baja Bytes Weekly Overview
    Friday, November 13, 2015
    Gary Graham

    Que Pasa

    There were consistent catches of larger yellowfin tuna during the week preceding the recent WON Los Cabos Jackpot which was an encouraging sign; however, during the week of the tournament, the local fleet was joined by four mega-tuna seiners and I suppose you can guess the outcome! The two-day tournament produced only thirteen fish weighing over 100 pounds and several other qualifiers -- a regrettable outcome for the 143 teams fishing in the event.

    Duly noted by Los Cabos Tourism Director, Daniel Uribe, representing the Mayor of Los Cabos, Lic. Arturo de la Rosa Escalante, who recently took office. Uribe emphasized the value of sportfishing to the area, continuing to say the WON Tuna Jackpot is the largest tournament in Los Cabos, adding that he hoped the tournament will remain in the Los Cabos area for many years to come.

    “Tourism must take care of our sportfishing and insist that tuna be designated as a sportfish . . . it should not be designated for commercial use in the waters surrounding Baja Sur!”

    Coronado Islands

    Five- to twelve-pound yellowtail are scattered all over the Islands right now. The weather side down near the south end is perhaps the best and a few wahoo were also boated in this area yesterday.

    The other locations with fish include the Middle Grounds, Ribbon Kelp --which also has some barracuda -- and SKR.

    The dropper loop Sardine is the ticket with only a few going for the yoyo iron.

    Outside on the 371/425, there are still a few dorado around on kelps. They are hard to find but once you do then work an east-west line as the kelps are lined up like that right now. …


    Report-11-12-15 2 day Tale of Tails!

    Slow for this week at Ensenada. A few reports here and there, nothing big but still some action. "Game Fisher" from Marina reported 2 yellowtail in the 20-pound class at Salsipuedes Point and sheepshead on Yo Yo'ing with 6 x Salas lures all morning and heading back by noon.

    There have been unconfirmed reports of tuna on the Hidden Bank.

    " Reel Adventure " short time for fishing in two weeks with decent reports , getting 7 yellowtail around 20 pounds, south of the island of Todos Santos, all with iron lures; on the bottom it’s different -- Ling cod ,rock cod , calico, sheeps head and white fish are the mix that they have recently been catching on the “Reel Adventure.” …Edgar Sanchez, Coral Marine Store

    San Quintín

    No Report

    Bahía de Los Ángeles

    No Report.

    Cedros Island

    No Report

    Bahía Ascensión

    Our fishing guests just arrived here at La Bufadora Inn and before they unloaded their truck, Alejandro ran down to the rocks in front of the hotel and caught this big calico on the first cast!!! …Shari Bondy

    La Bocana

    Our "Catch and Release" … incredible fishing! ... We have in our Estero La Bocana a place called by Gene Kira of "Baja Catch" the "Glory Hole" Program . . . over 100 fish released this day! …Juanchy's



    Captain Alejandro with hands not so close to this sculpin; he knows they are great to eat but distance seems the better choice! ...Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

    I guess it is safe to say we are totally in the winter mode, at least from this past week's weather. Not only is it the winter winds signaling cold nights, it’s the early arrival of humpback whales. This past Tuesday was the best water day and the radio chatter was all about whales, not yellowtail!

    Both Lagrimas on the south side and off the sea lion colony to the north, it was a mix of the season's first humpback and fin whales. We have fin whales in the area most of the year but humpbacks only come by as the water gets cold and green.

    On the fishing scene we have some quotes from our scuba trips. Sara Cartwright, one of our PADI instructors had divers at "repollo" on the north side of Coronado Island. In the past, this area has been holding a good secret stash of pargo, as the story goes. Tuesday's trip came back to announce that, "when you looked up to the surface from 50-feet down, all you could see were BIG pargo and assorted snappers."

    The hands stretched out as the story unfolded, signalling bad boys in the 36-to 48-inch bulldozer range. Good luck hooking and landing a few of these!

    Also, from the same clients, "Firecracker yellowtail, in clouds wherever your head turned. It's looking like a great season this winter for yellowtail," added the group.

    I am not betting on that just yet because those big pargo and snappers can slide firecrackers down their throats as if they were canned sardines in olive oil!

    I am not sure what it means (and I didn't research the position of the moon) but the same day that the whales were spotted, we had a busy day of dolphins jumping. They have been pretty low key for the past month but they were all over and airborne!

    Fish catching? Only the bottom fish guys are braving the winds and splashing. It looks like wind for the next ten days straight!

    North winds and the water is cooling off to the high 70's.

    Maybe by Turkey day things will settle down so we can go have a chat with a few 'tails.

    Magdalena Bay

    Great day on the Thetis with Captain Chris Jones, Fishermen's Fleet, and good friends. I needed this. ... Ali Hussainy

    Success on the Success fishing Out of Magdalena Bay for Dennis Yamamoto.

    It has been slow and the weather has not really cooperated. We had a really hard time on the first trip but after a day in the mangroves with our next guest, we made it to Thetis about noon and bagged a striper, dorado, 4 yellowfin tuna and 2 wahoo by 4p.m. Had many more shots at the wahoo…Mark Rayor

    La Paz


    Winds were roaring 20+ mph today. The bay looks like a washing machine so everyone is fishing out've Muertos. Stacey Dolinar, from Green River, Wyoming, is just happy it's not snowing like back home where they had -17 temps! She got a nice rooster with Captain Jorge. …Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter

    East Cape



    Felipe Valdez, Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort scores on nice dorado in the surf on the Pacific side.

    San José del Cabo

    The all-around fishing action was more limited this past week, mainly due to windy conditions which limited where charters could comfortably fish. The yellowfin tuna that were found associated with porpoise activity in the vicinity of and north of the Gordo Banks, became less frequent as to when, and if at all, the porpoise were even found, though some boats did catch yellowfin tuna from 40 to 70 pounds on strips of squid. Other tuna action was found closer to shore off of Punta Gorda and a smaller grade of fish off of the Santa Maria area. All this action was also found using strips of squid, as there are no sardina in the entire area now; if sardina were available this action would definitely be wide open.

    Dorado action was producing nice-quality fish in the 15- to 25-pound range, some even larger. No huge numbers, but most boats were finding one or two, or as many as six . . . the majority were nice-sized fish. Striking on various baits, particularly on rigged ballyhoo, early in the day as the sun rose, the action was more sporadic. Off of the Red Hill and Palmilla area, there was good early morning action through most of the week.

    There were some sailfish and striped marlin on the same grounds as the dorado and tuna -- no big numbers, but every day some of these billfish were being hooked into. Wahoo action dropped off this past week; baitfish schools were more scattered after the choppy seas. Iman Bank had been where the wahoo were lurking; these fishing grounds were rough most of the week -- hopefully conditions will settle down in time for this weekend’s annual wahoo event out of La Playita.

    Bottom action included triggerfish, various pargo and snapper species, and an occasional leopard grouper or rainbow runner. …Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas.

    Los Cabos


    The catching for the past week tapered off from the week before.

    Cabo Climate: It was a mostly sunny and warm week with just a few passing clouds. Air temps varied from 70 nights to 89 daytime highs and a 62% humidity level.

    Sea Conditions: Sea temps were nearly identical on both sides of the peninsula and stable at 83-84 degrees from above the Golden Gate Bank and down to Cabo San Lucas and up the Sea of Cortez side to Los Frailes. Surface breezes mostly flowing from the westerly directions varied from light breezes in the mornings to 15 mph in the afternoons, but all was fishable.
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