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Sep 16, 2019
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Are there any members on here from Lopez Mateos or the Mag Bay area? Or that know anything about the area? I’ve been doing an inordinate amount of Baja research and have settled on Mag Bay as the place that checks all the fishing boxes for us. Local logistical info has been fairly scarce, hoping some folks who know can enlighten me.
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Oct 3, 2004
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John Gleaves
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Mag bay outfitters
link to their website

They have been there a while. Long time friend moved there long time ago and built house. He knows these folks and they have good reputation. Good starting point for you
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May 11, 2011
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Gary Graham
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Aug 29, 2018
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I fished Mag bay on pangas off the 107' boat which is now the Tony Reyes. We fished 2 to a panga and met the mother ship in Cabo. Fortunately the boat hired a local pangero from Mag bay as a guide. We spent a lot of time pushing our 24' pangas in the estuaries. Our last day there, we took off in the pangas to fish the open waters of the bay, and found good yellow tail fishing near the mouth of the bay, and waited for the mother ship to finish re-fueling and meet us. The wind came up and the sun went down, and we headed back into the bay. Our local pangero knew of a fishing camp on the beach, and in the pitch black, we headed into the shore and beached our pangas, the last 4 of 9. They built a fire on the beach to warm us. Our walkie talkie radios were silent. An hour or so later, the lights of the mother ship came into sight, and we gladly headed back for a late dinner, then out to sea toward Thetus bank. The next day we were anchored on the high spot and had the best day ever of marlin fishing. Truly a unique fishing experience. It was organized by Larry Berstrom of Jig Stop Tours, in Dana Point. Unfortunately, Larry is no longer with us. I was fortunate to fish both mag bay and the sea of cortez with him. Both were unforgettable experiences.
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