LR rock cod methods


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Jul 18, 2005
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I use my 30# reel, it has 50# solid spectra, with a few feet of 40# mono. You can get much longer fishable drifts because of less scope with a rig like this. I like to use a 4 to 6 oz Pt Wilson dart, knife jig, or similar. I tie one dropper hook above this as needed. This rig seems to get less Salmon grouper, and more reds.
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Sep 8, 2017
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I'm considering buying a temple reef SPJ rod, I already have a Penn torque 15 narrow lever drag reel, pretty sure that would be a killer slow pitch outfit. Probably overkill with that 2 speed little powerhouse reel.
there's nothing wrong with that. Myself personally I would never fish one of those temple reef rods, the one's I've seen are to long (8ft) and 2 pieced which I don't care for. I fish a penn torque 15LD2 on a penn battalion slow pitch 350 or 450 depending on what im doing.
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  • Sep 10, 2006
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    I love all kinds of fishing....I love catching shallow water rockfish and lings. I will always be at the rail for all these stops.....normally fishing some kind of Bar with a shrimp fly tied up about 3'

    However, I am not keeping any rockfish on a LR Trip as getting them cleaned is not worth it by the fish processors. And I get enough up here in the bay area. I will keep a nice ling or two though! Yes, I am giving the fish away to those that want it as they die...if no one wants any more I stop.

    Most rockfish are less than 10#'s so the processors charge more per pound for smaller fish...then rockfish you don't get all that much filet per fish....meaning you end up paying a significant fee per Pound on what you get back in your package. Meaning same price as what you can pick up at a place like Point Loma Seafood.

    Cut and pasted from 5 Star - "Please note that fish under 10 pounds are subject to a different price schedule as they require substantially more time and effort to process"
    That 10 lbs and under price change is generally If thats all your taking them. For the past 3 years I take 3-4 L.R trips and every time I've taking them cods we caught on the L.R along with the other fish, Fish Star charges me the Same Price as all my other fish. Maybe fishermans processing id different.
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    Dec 11, 2003
    Hit a heavy redfish LR nest. 50lb mono leader or heavier. Imo
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  • Aug 11, 2006
    Costa Mesa
    When I was younger LOL come winter I'd de-spool all my reels so the short mono topshot on the bottom, and Spectra all the way to the top. Tie on a barrel swivel to the Spectra, then take about 10ft of 30-40lb mono and tie two loops, leaving 1-2 ft below for tieing on sinkers.Then add J hooks or Shrimp Flies with hooks to each loop.8-16oz sinker.

    #2 rig tie about 10 ft of mono to the Spectra barrell swivel then tie on Heavy Jax Jigs...Red or Red/Yellow work best. Using all Spectra you can feel a good bite even 3-500ft down in most drifts. Having 1-2 of these rigs ready if bottom fishing a
    fall back, you're ready to fish, not re-rigging w/most others. FYI
    Hope this helps
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