Inshore Los Vaqueros 8/20/22

Aug 12, 2006
Walnut Creek, CA. Displaced San Diegan
Boat Name
Any party boat thats going out that day.

Greyson and I decided to get out early, beat the heat, and give los vaqueros a try. Got a little bit of a late start.
Got there and on the water by 8:30am. Quite a few shore anglers but nowhere as busy as winter time trout fishing.
The plan was to troll early and if no action then start bait fishing.
Did a few passes around howden cove for no action. Took out the bait rods and started drifting anchovies, anchovies with worms, and anchovies with eel.
Our first bite did not stick. Probably didn’t give him enough time to swallow the fish. Then we had a nice bite, fed it some line, and fish on! It was a good fight and shortly after Greyson landed his first catfish. About 4lbs. All the bites were on anchovy eel combo. Metered a lot of fish in about 30ft of water but no more bites either on the anchor or drifting.
Back at the dock by 1:30p. We were not able to get a boat with a cover and the heat was just too much.
Saw one boat next to us land a nice catfish shortly after ours. That was it.

Overall another great day with my son. Couldn’t ask for more.
Headed back in and finished the day with our traditional celebration.



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